BRABUS Ultimate e facelift: the ultimate electrical city port?

BRABUS Ultimate e facelift: the ultimate electrical city port?-city

Brabus has been giving the vehicles of Mercedes-Benz Automobile for more than 40 years even more power and uniqueness. Already in March 2020 we were able to show the refinement of the Mercedes EQC 400 4Matic. With which the company has definitely arrived in the modern period and has adopted the company’s first EQ strainer. On the basis of the revised SMART EQ Fortwo Convertible of the model year 2020, the vehicle tuner brings the Brabus Ultimate e facelift to the street and continues the tradition of several generations of exclusive Brabus supercars based on the smart fortwo models.

BRABUS has initially turned into Puncto power at various set screws to increase the electric motor to 68 kW / 92 hp in its performance. In the sportiest of the four different driving modes, the exclusive two-seater accelerates in just 10.9 seconds from 0 – 100 km / h. The maximum speed is limited to 130 km / h. Internally known as “Pocket Rocket”, the compact stromer not only convinces with its dynamic drive, but also by its new reciprocal design.

BRABUS Ultimate e facelift: the ultimate electrical city port?-electricalBrabus

The newly designed BRABUS front bumper gives the two-seater together with the 18-inch black wheelbars a particularly exciting design. Also extravagant is the cockpit with the luxurious BRABUS Fine Leather Interior. On the street comes the stromer from 58.845 euros – the price was offered here including 19 percent VAT. For the tuning of the Stromer, the company sets the know-how of Brabus Zero Emission, the division launched in 2008, which has since been employed by developing alternative drive concepts.

This leads, among other things, that the tuned Smart can be accessed on a “driving pleased” in the cockpit. This allows the driver to choose between four different driving modes.

  • Level 1 corresponds to the standard electric motor of the current Smart EQ Fortwo.
  • Level 2 – “ECO” – reinforces the recuperation, making the two-seater, if one goes off the gas, much more than in the series.
  • Level 3 – stands for “sport”. Thus, the driving pedal reacts spontaneous and the recuperation is returned to serial level.
  • Level 4 – Here the Stromer unleashes maximum dynamics: the peak power is increased to 68 kW / 92 hp, the maximum torque grows to 180 nm, proud 20 nm more than in the series. The driver is pleased in this mode not only about the even more lively electric drive, but also also about the more direct response of the accelerator pedal.

Brabus also provides that the performance of the determination as exclusive city sports cars are effortless. In addition to the impressive performance on the road, the exclusive city sports car also offers because CO2-neutral, highest environmental compatibility. Following his provision as Agil City Flitzer, the Brabus Ultimate e facelift with a battery charge, depending on the driving way, reaches a range of up to 125 kilometers.
BRABUS Ultimate e facelift: the ultimate electrical city port?-cityBrabus

The question of whether one has to see such an electric car on the street, in the sense of sustainability, remains to be. Personally, however, I think that I prefer to see an e-alternative of Brabus on the street, as a comparable combustion.

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  1. Who lives in a region with winter and mountainous topography, knows about the effective range of the smart and its absolute usus, even as a second car. Which still to top with a brabus package is just banned, or. from consumers by absolute consumer. Apparently there are still managers who believe you can verar …

  2. Yes I would have to have fallen ink, how expensive is again the Tesla model 3 performance ? Like the reach ? …
    The e-technician (electricity)

  3. Well, dresses make people and old names from the car new. Renaissance. Believe. So at Borgward this was not the case. Even before Opel brought the Ralley Kadett, Crabbus tickled at the English GM offshoot, the Vauxhall viva, a few more. So you had something equivalent on the highway against the fast little BMW S. Only the English did not last. At that time, 160 km / h end of the flagpole, both at 404 he from Peugeot and the captain of Opel. The 122 he turned by Volvo but by his long 5. Gear to 180 high.

  4. So – I do not know what the decade of this press text is to come -> here is almost inflationary with super sports synonyms.

    Over 10s to 100 pull in today’s Bev scene no longer the sausage of the bread.

    And the price … age, is still ?!?

  5. I appreciate the best times for Brabus (and also most of the other “fossil” caretuner) are already over. A few customers who do not know where to know with their money and, above all, do not know which alternatives they could get for this money will probably find themselves for a while.


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