Brands in Green: Pioneers for sustainability on the Internet

Brands in Green: Pioneers for sustainability on the Internet-pioneers

There are interviews and conversations that I’m really looking forward to. This is also the case for my “end of the year talk” this year with York Kolb from Brands in Green. With the digital agency Brands in Green, York and his business partner Benjamin Link know how to place brands and companies on the market in the long term. Sustainability not only plays an important role in the effect it has on their customers, but also for the agency in general.

As York is able to show in the interview, the company concentrates and focuses on sustainable companies that are looking for support in the digital area. The area of e-mobility in particular plays a decisive role here. Regardless of whether it is support behind the scenes at EAN or a wide variety of wallbox shops, Brands in Green is there and, above all, a competent partner thanks to its own experience. You don’t just want to advertise sustainably, you also want to make your own everyday life just as sustainable and consistently green with a fleet of e-cars, charging options and a PV system.

In the podcast itself we talk about who the Brands in Green are, what they do and what role e-mobility plays for them. In business and in private life. Connections to the scene are available through the company’s own podcast Bytes’n’Batteries and regular participation in e-mobility events. In addition, they also support influencers with their own shop for sustainable merch.

Together with the third co-founder Robin Schmid, Managing Director of Robin TV GmbH and best known from his YouTube channel “Robin TV Blau”, Ben and York have launched Im Herzen Grun®, an online shop for sustainable, fairly produced eco-fashion. There is also the collection of electric car news.not to be found. Which always grows around one or the other motif. All organic textiles are printed with GOTS-certified inks by trained media designers in Germany. Fair wages and an optimal working environment are a matter of course for the startup.

So you see, we’ve covered quite a lot of topics. At the end, York questioned me about my previous experiences with the BMW iX3. I subscribed to this for a year in the FINN e-car subscription and am sometimes quite enthusiastic. But more on that in another article. But now it’s time to listen to the episode. It is worth it. Promised.

You are also welcome to e-mail me with questions about e-mobility that concern you in everyday life. The answer to this may also be of interest to other listeners of the podcast. As always, about criticism, comments and Co. I’m happy of course. So feel free to contact us, also for the topic suggestions already mentioned. And of course I’m also very happy about a positive rating from the podcast provider of your choice! thank you.

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