Braunschweig becomes VWS center for electric car battery systems

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Braunschweig becomes VWS center for electric car battery systems-center

The VW division Volkswagen Group Components has started mass production of battery systems for future electric cars of the Volkswagen Group in Braunschweig. With this future product, the site continues to expand its many years of battery competence for electric vehicles and thus contributes significantly to the conversion of the Group into e-mobility.

At the new location for battery systems, around 300 jobs are produced in production. After complete start-up will be up to 500 here in the future.000 battery systems with the latest production technology are manufactured in a new hall. They are intended for vehicles based on the modular electric drivers (MEB) of the Volkswagen Group, such as the new ID.3 of Volkswagen.

A newly built production hall, equipped with the latest, mostly fully automatic production technology is the new heart of battery system production in the Braunschweig plant of the Group component. A few days ago, the series production of MEB battery systems was officially started. To more than 40.000 square meters are created here annually up to half a million battery systems. The development of the battery system including hardware and software was also found at the Braunschweig location.

“The Volkswagen Group Components has the end-to-end responsibility for the subject of battery – from the new Battery cell business unit to recycling. At our Braunschweig location, we have a lot of know-how in planning and development of the high-voltage battery system and now set new standards in manufacturing for the whole group. We also use this knowledge internationally in the Group-wide network – for example, with our works in China – and thus continue electromobility for the Volkswagen Group.”- Thomas Schmall, CEO of the Group component

Up to 300 employees will be in use in production. They are largely from their own ranks and were prepared by means of preceding training and qualifications for use in the high voltage range.

The new production for battery systems is “another milestone in the future backup of employment and location”, says Uwe Fritsch, Chairman of the works council Volkswagen Group Components Braunschweig. “Thus, the Braunschweiger plant is an important part of E-mobility at Volkswagen – one of the most innovative developments in the Group. The successful start of production is a great team performance of development, planning, plant engineering and manufacturing.”

Three battery variants for ID electric cars

The Braunschweig site produces battery systems in three variants: a large battery (77 kWh usable capacity), a medium (58 kWh usable capacity) and a smaller battery (45 kWh usable capacity). The systems for the MEB vehicles of the Group are planned, such as the new ID.3.

Braunschweig becomes VWS center for electric car battery systems-braunschweigVolkswagen

For the battery case, two production lines are used, mostly producing fully automatic. The latest welding, adhesive and sealing techniques are used here. These housings are then assembled with the cell modules and a control unit to the actual battery systems. Several in-line, leakage and end-of-line test benches should ensure consistently high quality. The hardware and software for these test stands has developed the location itself. Overall, over 300 million euros were invested in the new building.

“For the landing gear business and thus for the location Braunschweig, the new production hall is a clear profit. The MEB battery system means a piece of future backup for the work. The hall built for the production was equipped with the latest technology and allows efficient and slender production, “says Otto Joos, business unit landing gear of Volkswagen Group Components. “Around 300 employees are qualified from the location for manufacturing and receive a future workplace here. Braunschweig once again proves its development and manufacturing competence.”

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  1. It is reassuring that the German automotive industry has just recognized in good time, which makes the broad set up on the market and its own production of battery systems independent of Chinese and Korean battery suppliers. The steadily growing need for new energy stores in the industry and motor vehicle sector is not to be mastered by foreign producers alone.


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