Breakwater: With the Sea-Doo, you get everyone wet


With the Sea-Doo, you get everyone wet

Breakwater: With the Sea-Doo, you get everyone wet-sea-doo

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You can also get into the air with the Aquascooter Sea-Doo Spark.

Source: BRB / SPS

Breakwater: With the Sea-Doo, you get everyone wet-everyone

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It brings that motorcycle feeling to the water.

Source: BRB / SPS

Breakwater: With the Sea-Doo, you get everyone wet-breakwater

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The Spark steers like a motorcycle, with levers for gas, brakes and reverse gear on the handles.

Source: BRB / SPS

Breakwater: With the Sea-Doo, you get everyone wet-breakwater

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For experienced Sea Doo pilots, daring maneuvers are also possible.

Source: BRB / SPS

Breakwater: With the Sea-Doo, you get everyone wet-Martin everyone becomes James Bond

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Orange Crush, Bubble Gum or Vanilla are three of the five shades of the Spark.

Source: BRB / SPS

In summer, a new vehicle appears on the beaches: the Sea-Doo Spark competes with jet skis and brings that motorcycle feeling to the water. The 30 liter tank is enough for three hours of fun.

S.Enjoy inclines, always keep a firm grip on the handlebars and aim at the target. All of this sounds like riding a motorcycle, but it can also take place on the water. The Sea-Doo Spark is like sitting on a bike, only the wheels are missing. With a maximum of 80 km / h you thunder over the water.

We’re sitting with Steve Dauliach, a five-time jet ski world champion, off the coast of Dubai on a new three-seater Sea-Doo Spark with a 90 hp Rotax three-cylinder. A little practice and crucial driving tips from the Champ Dauliach were enough to muster the courage to go at such high speed.

In front of the imposing skyline on the Persian Gulf with the 830 m high Burj Khalifa, the largest skyscraper in the world, one normally only impresses with yachts over 30 m in length. But the agile fun mobile from Bombardier impressively demonstrates how much fun it can be for its pilot at prices starting at 6,000 euros.

The Canadian group also has snowmobiles, quads and three-wheel motorcycles in its portfolio, all of which are powered by an Austrian Rotax engine. In the case of the Spark, a three-cylinder in-line engine with 900 cc displacement and 60 hp or 90 hp. The moderate consumption empties the 30 liter tank only after three to four hours of wet and happy driving pleasure.

Good handling even without a brake

The operation can be learned quickly by any layperson and is partly familiar and partly unusual for motorcyclists: You sit on a bench and accelerate at the right end of the handlebars. However, this is done with a lever because you would unintentionally open a twist grip when jumping over waves.

And braking is done with a lever on the left if someone is on board. Then there is also a reverse gear through brief thrust reversal, in order to be able to steer actively in parking spaces at the port, for example. But even without a brake you can quickly get the Spark under control. You just have to make sure that you always need thrust to change direction.

If you drive towards an obstacle, it will initially cost you to overcome it. But after a few attempts, you trust the nimble water moped more and more, which in a knowledgeable hand can turn around on the spot or even turn donuts.

Mirror-like seas are ideal for being really fast on the so-called "Aquascooter". In rough seas or even more on the crest of the bow waves of large boats, the Sea-Doo captain gets into involuntary jumping.

Wheelies are also possible

After a little practice, you will quickly find out how to best lean into curves. Or you notice how you can create waves with tight U-turns, over which you can jump in a controlled manner after a 270-degree bend. Even wheelies are possible if you pull the throttle firmly enough and pull the handlebars up to help.

The Sea-Doo Spark models 2up and 3up will soon make life difficult for much more expensive alternatives. 20 designs are available in five colors, including "Orange Crush" or bright green "Pineapple".

The surface of the Spark has a fashionably matt shimmer, which has to do with the Polytec material used. The “split deck” construction allows quick access to the motor, as the upper part can be easily lifted off after opening 16 screws.

This promotes service friendliness and lowers maintenance costs. The two variants with lengths of 2.79 and 3.05 m weigh around 190 kg. The affordable water fun vehicles can be bought immediately, and they will certainly soon be available for rent on many beaches.

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