Bridgestone equips service network with 3500 charging points

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Bridgestone equips service network with 3500 charging points-network

The tire manufacturer Bridgestone and Evbox, a supplier of charging solutions for electric cars, have announced a new, long-term partnership. The common goal is to equip the European retail and service network of Bridgestone with a good 3500 new charging ports. This also includes other brands like Speedy and First Stop, so the company in a current message. With the plan for five years, Bridgestone wants to support the introduction of electric cars and use a sustainable future of mobility. The measures start first in France and Italy and should then be extended to the UK, Germany, Poland, Spain and other European countries.

The new Bridgestone charging network should consist of simple AC and DC fast charging stations placed on central positions and to be accessible to all e-drivers – for private and fleet vehicles. Concrete data on the charging outputs Bridgestone does not name yet. The quick load connections should preferably be installed on highly frequented routes. The partnership will be handled via the EVBOX partner TSG. Thanks to the partnership between Bridgestone and EvBox, e-drivers and fleets should also have access to one of the largest European, but not yet specifically named shop networks. It deals with a public shop network with more than 130.000 charging points accessible via a central solution: a special card or a mobile app supported by the Evbox Charging Management software.

The app or. Map enables access to these charging stations across Europe and offers users additional comfort and efficiency through a central platform for payments and billing. This provides data on charities and enabling users to travel with the same solution from Madrid to Helsinki.

As part of the EVBOX partnership, Bridgestone E-driver’s retail network also offers the opportunity to buy charging stations and install at home. Thus, the company wants to underline its commitment to improving the accessibility of E-vehicles as a sustainable mobility option.

Support for electromobility in Europe

For Bridgestone, electro cars are a great opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions and the company’s objective to act completely climate-neutral from 2050 and thus make the future of mobility more environmentally friendly. However, on the way to a fully electrical future, there are still some obstacles. According to the annual Bridgestone study on Europe-wide distribution of electric cars, 50 percent of respondents have indicated for whom an acquisition of electric cars are not eligible than the reason given the insufficient charging infrastructure. This challenge is addressed by the EU’s Climate Protection objective of “FIT FOR 55”. It requires Member States to expand the charging capacity together with the expected sales of emission-free vehicles and to build charge and gas stations at regular intervals at regular intervals.

About an integrated approach, Bridgestone invests in the development of tires and tire technologies for e-cars as well as in special fleet and mobility solutions. In addition, the company collaborates with automakers and wants to build a retail and service network compatible for e-vehicles, offering maintenance and tire service for electric cars, electric car charging stations and mobile services under one roof. The contribution to the expansion of the loading infrastructure in Europe through the partnership with Evbox and TSG is an important milestone in this way, shares the company.

“Bridgestone has set itself the goal of driving the future of electromobility. We work with leading E-vehicle manufacturers to develop premium tires and sustainable technologies that meet the specific requirements of BEVS. Another corner pillar is the establishment of a retail and service network aligned on e-vehicles, “says Christophe de Valroger, VP Retail Operations at Bridgestone EMIA. “Through this partnership, we support the urgently needed expansion of the charging infrastructure in Europe and offer E-drivers and fleet operators the comfort and efficiency they need.”

“Bridgestone has committed itself to the design of a sustainable future of mobility. We have seen how many of the current announcements and partnerships come into play, and we are proud to work with a company that focuses on similar priorities as we, “says Bram Poeth, CCO of the Evbox Group. “This cooperation is the beginning of a new, long-term partnership between industry leaders who will evolve and grow with e-mobility and requirements.”

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