British cult brand Moke will only be on the move electrically in the future

British cult brand Moke will only be on the move electrically in the future-moke

The Mini Moke – as the British cult car Moke is known – will in future be on the road as a purely electric car. From 2022, all MOKE International vehicles will be manufactured and sold purely electrically. It starts with the Moke, which is to be delivered as early as the 2022 European summer season. Already at the beginning of the year it will no longer be possible to order the Moke with a combustion engine.

The introduction of the fully electric Moke reflects the continuing customer demand for a new edition of one of the world’s most popular vehicles that fulfills the urgent global need for environmentally friendly drives, as the company gives to understand in a corresponding message. In addition, you want to incorporate further advantages in series production with the electrification of the MOKES: increased performance and quieter driving in the open air.

Because this experience is increased by the immediate and noiseless force development of the electric drive. In fact, the new Moke jumps to 55 km / h in just 4.5 seconds. The maximum power of 33 kW is sufficient for a vehicle that weighs only 800 kg. The range is enough for five round trip between Cap Ferrat and Monaco (144 km). The charging time is four hours with the EU standard Type 2 and the top speed is 100km/h.

Battery cells, motors and inverters come from European Tier 1 suppliers and are made to measure in the United Kingdom. The E-Moke can be ordered both with right and left-hand steering. Priced is from translated 34.500 euros.

“The conversion to electric drive for the Moke ensures the attractiveness of one of the most popular British car britics for many upcoming generations. MOKES combination of fun, personality and open-air pleasure will only be reinforced by the performance and noiseless operation of an electric powertrain. We are proud to write a new chapter in one of the most popular stories of British automotive history.”- Isobel Dando, Managing Director, Moke International

By the way, it is not the first mokes that have been electrified. For this we remember April 2021. The Baden-Wurttemberg Cooperative State University, the C&S GmbH and SIQENS GmbH have taken on the Mini Moke, known from the 1960s and appearances with James Bond, and created the CSE Morris from it. An electric buggy that has a purely electric range of 140 km. Thanks to the built-in methanol-powered fuel cell, it has a range of 800 km without having to be plugged in.

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  1. 34.500 euros – a lot of wood for the bit of metal and fabric…:-(
    Would be an ideal rental car in holiday areas at a reasonable price!
    In the visual mix of buggy and utility or. Military vehicle would also make all-wheel drive pretty ..


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