British fleets orders vauxhall vivaro-e

British fleets orders vauxhall vivaro-e-orders

Nearest Elektro major order for Vauxhall: The British sister brand of Opel supplies 655 new battery electrical vivaro E to the estate, one of the leading facility management and service companies in the United Kingdom. This has announced the car manufacturer. The first Vivaro-E is already driven by a mite engineer and let the company’s fleet grow on 1000 electric vehicles now.

The Vivaro E is equipped for meat to take all necessary tools on board. Generally, Vivaro E customers could choose between two different large lithium-ion batteries. Depending on your needs, a battery with 75 kWh for a range up to 330 kilometers and a 50 kWh battery for a maximum of 230 kilometers according to WLTP available. The power stores are installed in the vehicle floor between the axes that they do not limit the loading volume. With just under 1200 kilos of maximum payload, the electric transporter drags almost as many last as the Vivaro with diesel engine.

Simon King, responsible for sustainability is pleased that the first vivaro-e of the company is at the same time the 1000-Ste zero-emission vehicle of the fleet. More than 600 more Vivaro E would follow. This approaches the target in large steps, in 2021 to have a total of 2021 E vehicles in the fleet. So more employees could change to e-mobility.

“We are proud that Mitie has decided for our fully electric Vivaro-E,” says Vauxhall managing director Paul Wilcox. Thus, the number of companies in the United Kingdom who keep their fleet powerful and at the same time reduce their operating costs as well as their ecological footprint.

From the qualities of Vivaro E, an international expert jury was convinced. He is the first fully electric delivery van who is allowed to carry the renowned title “International Van of the Year”. It was particularly positive-rated its high emission-free range, its proven loading capacities and the numerous top technologies.

British Gas” has already ordered 3000 new Vivaro-E to Vauxhall information, which will be on the roads 2022 on the roads. In addition, the Opel sister brand supplies the organic fruit and vegetable supplants Riverford with another ten Vivaro E.

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  1. Technical interpretation of this vehicle determines optimally with characteristics for an important market niche electrically. But built in England at Vauxhall? There are not the best memories.
    Neither the Viva nor the larger model had the best name in Europe.They were purchased to the building-like Opel cars only the cheaper price. This was the case in the EFTA countries at that time.


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