Bugatti Bebe II: Children’s car drives electrically

Bugatti Bebe II

Bugatti at the absolute discount price – you suspect the hook

Bugatti Bebe II: Children's car drives electrically-drives

Bugatti Bebe II: Children on Speed

No, of course this is not a real super sports car: Electrically powered children’s cars for putting in is already available for a few hundred euros. If, on the other hand, Bugatti should be on it, several ten thousand euros are due.

A children’s toy for almost 60.000 euros? What may sound cheeky seems less surprising when the associated brand name falls: Bugatti. Bebe is now called the entry model that can be ordered, which is not intended for road traffic, but for people with large private grounds and car -savvy children.

Bugatti builds e-car for children

The design template for the noble toy is the Bebe that Bugatti had between 1927 and 1936 built. This was a replica of the Type 35 sports car in size 1: 2. The “Little Car Company”, which is cooperating with Bugatti, now revives in the 75%format and with future-oriented drive technology: Instead of a burner, the Bebe II is powered by electric motors.

Bugatti Bebe II: Children's car drives electrically-drives
Bugatti The cockpit of the Bebe II should not only make children’s hearts beat faster

In the nameless and at least 30.Based on 000 euros, there is a 4 kW/5.4 hp unit that accelerates to a maximum of 45 km/h. To get used to the offspring to this pace, parents can activate a beginner mode for safety. A 1.4 kWh battery allows up to 25 kilometers of range.

A maximum of 70 km/h

The stronger versions of Vitesse and PUR Sang also offer the beginner mode. A maximum of 10 kW/14 kW and more than 800 Newton meters of torque are available here, which allows a top speed of 70 km/h. Thanks to a 2.8 kWh battery, the range increases to 50 kilometers. While for the Vitesse 43.Called 500 euros, the PUR, which is primarily directed to collectors.500 euro.

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