Bugatti Chiron: The rolling end superlative

Bugatti Chiron

The rolling end superlative

Bugatti Chiron: The rolling end superlative-Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse
Anyone who thought that after the racing car Bugatti Veyron Vitesse was now over the testosterone injections, who is wrong. For the successor Chiron, the engineers pulled all the registers again

Bugatti Chiron: The rolling end superlative-superlative

Bugatti Chiron: The rolling end superlative

Anyone who thought that after the racing car Bugatti Veyron Vitesse was now over the testosterone injections, who is wrong. For the successor Chiron, the engineers pulled all the registers again: 16 cylinders, eight liters of displacement, four turbochargers, 1.500 hp, 1.600 Nm and a tip of limited 420 km/h.

Technology freaks are likely to fall on their knees and thank the sky that there may still be such a vehicle as the chiron. The ordinary driver sees it differently, shakes his head without understanding in view of this car. Everything that this macho machine has, can and costs, reach dimensions that have not yet existed in automotive construction-and will probably never be available again. The chiron is a rolling superlative, against which self -seasoned sports cars like a Lamborghini Aventador or a Porsche 911 Turbo S seem harmless, indeed almost cute.

The chiron demanded a lot from the engineers during its over three years of development phase. After all, even at a speed of 420 km/h, the official maximum speed, the gigantic eight-liter engine should inhale sufficiently fresh air and the brakes can reduce this insane energy without crumbling without crumbling.

Already at 2.000 revolutions sends the sixteenth cylinder to a truck similar.600 Newton meters of torque on the crankshaft and then already develops an output of 450 hp. At 4.000 rpm there are even almost 900 hp available to eventually at 6.700 rpm the maximum value of 1.500 hp to reach.

So much power is enough to disassemble the entire drive train into its individual parts and to dissolve the tires in smoke without further ado. In order to be able to optimally catapult the chiron, many electronic helpers are necessary – and probably also useful police route closures. Pass a little over 2 seconds, then the Bugatti passed the 100 km/h mark. No standard car in the world has made this value so far. After 6 seconds, speed falls, after around 14 the 300 km/h mark is broken. Numbers from an automotive parallel world.

This also applies to the engine. If it was under the test during the development, all other test bench had to be switched off in the laboratory to prevent a generator collapse. The cooling fluid requirement is 800 liters in the minute at full throttle. Would spray this amount from a fire hose, a bathtub would be filled after 11 seconds. On the other hand, the tank would be empty. "At a maximum speed, the 100 liters of content are gone after eight minutes," says development chief Willi Netuschil the unusual consumption. If you are now trying to get the calculator, you should get a value of 190 l/100 km. We save ourselves the CO2 tax in grams per kilometer.

For normal mortals, the price of 2.4 million euros should also be dizzying. Plus tax, of course. Customers in Germany pay almost half a million euros on it. But even those who have so much purchasing power do not have to be awarded the contract. First are 250.To pay 000 euros for a "declaration of purchase", as Bugatti boss Wolfgang Durheimer calls the deposit on the chiron. The sum is only used to get on a list. Around 160 men and zero women are said to have already transferred the quarter million. The delivery of the first vehicles begins in autumn.

If you order a chiron now, you have to be patient over two years. "We only manufacture about 50 copies a year," says production manager Christophe Piochon. The small and pikfeine manufactory in Molsheim does not allow more, referred to by Bugatti as a "studio". It is in the immediate vicinity of the historical chateau, which was used by Ettore Bugatti in the founding years to present his new cars.

The chiron edition is limited to a total of 500 copies, spread over ten years. Only five to six mechanics screw on a car. The assembly takes two months. Such announcements naturally fuel speculation. Therefore, Bugatti sells the chiron mainly to customers who already park the predecessor Veyron in the garage. It can be heard that some people quickly gained a used one to get on the list. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Visually, the 4.54 meter long and over 2 meters wide chiron clearly won compared to the Veyron. The legendary horseshoe symbol can now also be clearly interpreted on the flank. A tribute to the historical model Atlantic. It predestines the chiron for traditional two-color painting.

Inside there is a cool-sporty atmosphere with the finest materials and really unique handicraft quality. "Everything you touch is real," says design director Achim Abeidt, "We would never sell galvanized plastic as a metal.“And there is also no digital cockpit. "If a child looks through the side window, it should look at real instruments and not in a black hole," says Ascheidt. However, what it sees remains unique in automotive construction: a speedometer up to 500 km/h.

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Bugatti Chiron: The rolling end superlative-bugatti

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