Bugatti raser on the highway: Now the manufacturer speaks

Procedure against billionaire raser

Would even have been 420 km/h: Now the manufacturer of the Autobahn-Bugattis speaks

Bugatti raser on the highway: Now the manufacturer speaks-raser

Bit projects Billionaire races with 417 km/h over the A2

At 417 km/h, a Czech millionaire chased over the A2 – and now has a process on the neck because of a possible illegal street race. Bugatti does not want to evaluate the incident to Site, but explains the high-speed technology of the car.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information the journey of a milionaire with 417 km/h over an almost empty German motorway has made headlines in recent weeks – and friends of unlimited driving that there are also certain limits on motorway sections without a general speed limit. There is an illegal street race in the room, which can also be “against yourself”. The legal dimension of the case explains our traffic law expert Michael Winter here .

This is what Bugatti says about the mad ride on the A2

Site asked the manufacturer of the Bugatti Chiron what you think of the incident there. With a clear assessment, the manufacturer is also reluctant to refer to the public prosecutor’s investigation; However, you can see that in view of the involuntary PR, you were probably not exactly "amused" in the company’s headquarters: "For us as a company, you have responsible behavior towards customers, shareholders, employees as well as society and, above all, the harmony with the laws and the internal Compliance guidelines from Bugatti’s highest priority. In our opinion, responsible action also includes the use of our vehicles in the high -speed area, ”says company spokeswoman Nicole Auger.

Bugatti raser on the highway: Now the manufacturer speaks-speaks
dpa/Bugatti/dpa C Like Chiron: If you open the door, the C-shaped neckline of the flank shows itself.

But the manufacturer of the hypersport car also makes it clear that the car was technically obviously prepared for the trip regardless of the legal question:

  • First of all, the millionaire has his racing car at 417 km/h Not even fully extended, Because it would have been 420 km/h. The carmaker explains: “All Bugatti Hypersports like the Chiron were developed, tested and secured for top speeds beyond 400 km/h. In the driving modes ‘Eb’, ‘Handling’ and ‘Autobahn’, the regulated top speed is 380 km/h. The chiron only reaches a maximum of 420 km/h in the ‘Topspeed’ mode."
  • This can be indirectly found that the maximum maximum speed for the highway is probably not necessarily intended. Especially since you can’t just step through the accelerator pedal to Vmax: “Bugatti has been setting for the extreme high -speed area beyond the 380 km/h since Veyron 16.4 on the ‘Speedkey’. With a second key, the vehicle is pre -conditioned and set for the high -speed ride, ”explains Bugatti.

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Bugatti raser on the highway: Now the manufacturer speaks-highway

Site/Wochit Three is already too slow: the ultimate acceleration monsters

Bugatti raser on the highway: Now the manufacturer speaks-raser

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The Bugatti Chiron could have broken at all?

In the "Top Speed" program, the body of the car is lowered by 3.5 and 3.1 centimeters in the back. The diffuser flaps close and the rear wing is adjusted for more contact pressure. In addition, according to Bugatti, there is a security feature: "If a certain steering angle is exceeded in speed mode (too tight curves) or the control electronics have to intervene, the high-speed mode switches off and the speed is limited to 380 km/h", ", explains the manufacturer. Radio, navigation system and telephone system are also deactivated in high -speed mode.

Bugatti raser on the highway: Now the manufacturer speaks-manufacturer
dpa/Bugatti/dpa Smart electronics and a speedometer up to 500 km/h: Ultimately, the Bugatti Chiron reaches 420 km/h – and that is effortless and uncomplicated.

But what about brakes? Technically no problem according to the Bugatti: “In addition to the brake discs in the dimension 420 mm at the front and 400 mm with eight pistons in front and six pistons at the back, an airbrake ensures additional delay from high speeds. So that the chiron can brake safely and stably from its top speed of 420 km/h, the rear wing of three degrees tendency in top speed mode works up to 49 degrees and acts like a brake flap. This active aerodynamics at the rear and on the front Bugatti controls with a total of 18 hydraulic cylinders, ”it says – although it is not clear whether the braking distance would have been enough for a draining vehicle.

Bugatti raser on the highway: Now the manufacturer speaks-raser
It is particularly striking at Chiron Super Sport Bugatti Chiron Super Sport – better manageable … at 440 km/h

Bugatti concludes with the conclusion: "No road-fitting vehicle drives safer at high speeds than the chiron". However, this should not help the driver of the racing car; In the worst case, a detention center awaits him if the accusation of an illegal race is confirmed. He didn’t even have the fastest model from Bugatti: the Chiron Super Sport even creates 440 km/h…

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Bugatti raser on the highway: Now the manufacturer speaks-speaks

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Bugatti raser on the highway: Now the manufacturer speaks-speaks

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16 thoughts on “Bugatti raser on the highway: Now the manufacturer speaks”

  1. Bugatti
    For this speed, this Bugatti is a misconstruction for the highway, since a … Dodging if a slower lane suddenly excreted on the left lane to the disaster. The only way to avoid this catastrophe would be a button on the steering wheel, which can initiate a quick overflow at this speed! I think Bugatti has to come up with a little more to drive the madness better.

  2. I do not think so,…..
    That the company Bugatti is not "amused " Is when someone the top speed "abused" has, and which is now made known by the media in an effective manner. A better advertising, and now for free, really does not exist. Personally, I am already 1 lover faster cars, and only knew through this article here in the media that a Bugatti " Way over 400 kilometers" can drive. My self -driven top speed on motorways was so far 290 kmh, of course also with a car from the VW Group, but 290 was also quick enough for me and you have to be damaged, but it is also unlikely fun. I personally think not to want to drive over 300 km h. Point would be too risky for me personally

  3. We pay taxpayers
    As normal taxpayers, we pay the luxury of the elites of the most expensive racing cars and make them most of their costs from the tax. Millionaires or billionaires are rarely done through their own work but via heirs exploitation of employees most former Eastern Bloc countries through corruption or by European aids that are diverted instead of the general development of the country and social things Education health pension etc.The population becomes poorer in the Eastern Bloc countries and have to work for hunger wages in Schlachhofen or agriculture.In our shareholders of the Bloid/Auto Industry manufacturers.The safe roads pay the masses of taxpayers who have to commute to work every day etc

  4. Omg
    OMG, read this again and think about what you wrote there. I like Bugatti, and think person who has driven it has my full respect. The cart is absolutely cool and a technical masterpiece.

  5. Insanely ride attracts more to imitate
    Many years ago we had crazy prollies and millionaires from other European countries USA England and Arab countries who met in groups on German motorways to take races across Germany here. In my opinion, some vehicles were stopped and the drivers moved home by the police. When finally the madness ends? Still lawn "Protector" Young men and old S..cke with potency disorders by our cities etc. In Italy etc. the cars would be confiscated. The guys are supposed to go to racing nurburgring etc.Driving there you can prove your driving skills or scrap your cars. The billionaire should be withdrawn for Germany. Autobahn buildings could be cheaper with a maximum of 150 kmh.

  6. You have an interesting understanding of the law
    The man drove over 400 on an unlimited highway with hardly any traffic. He didn’t do anything forbidden. Even filming is allowed in the form. Just because it doesn’t suit them should be punished. If then the state has to introduce a general speed limit, which has just been rejected by the government. Where is the Problem?

  7. Superfluous
    Isn’t it superfluous to write about such incidents at all? And then to discuss with the manufacturer from the car? As if there are no other topics in the world.

  8. A typical German discussion…
    the CO2 values were also completely neutral at this speed (environmental protection etc…..) The tire abrasion was still in the target limits of the European Fine Dust Committee for upper sports car classes of German and northern Italian manufacturers? What’s the whole Kasperltheater. 130 km/h or free travel for free citizens! Just because not everyone (also politicians) can afford such a sports car "Experts |" thus employ and be spent in tax money.

  9. No punishment without law … Is a basic
    I don’t understand the theater for this trip. What is done here is a legal base and distortion. How clearly you can see is the highway almost free of traffic. Either there is a speed limit or no (recommendation is not a defined value !) The definition "Run" Is a trade fair with a competitor. I can’t take a race with myself. This is word clamps. If the police only want to accuse this handlebar because of the video, I would say that I had cut the video together in a studio … That should make an indictment more difficult.

  10. Mr. Salenbacher ..
    Basically everything is in §7 StVO. In particular, paragraph 3c here. Well and paragraph 5 there is still. Although a violation of §5 can usually be observed in the previous highway accidents.

  11. scandal…Bugatti talks out…
    …If you look at the tedious climbing at 417 km/h, then the suspicion is suspected that the Bugatti does not have its full performance. It happens very often that engines sprinkle down in terms of performance. BMW driver from BJ. In 2004 almost all of them are affected. Maybe the Bugatti is missing approx. 5 hp, they then make themselves noticeable on the top. Then the landscape glues you to the body…

  12. Other theory
    The factory information is determined at half -fully tank. But with his bank account he could definitely have the luxury "full" fuel. These are definitely a lot of kilos that the car had to carry with me.

  13. at
    All of the cities of may or skills by quick drivers, highway creepers and law connoisseurs for traffic offenses! But maybe a usable law is put together in a special way!

  14. Mr. Winkel
    Rarely read so much envy from a comment. What did this person and all other people do to them, because done that they have to personally insult him and everyone who can afford a Bugatti?

  15. Do not quite understand
    Free track, almost just straight ahead and then in the Bugatti on a route without a speed limit. If such a trip were an illegal race with itself, every trip with my 911 Turbo S with "only" 328 km/h would also be one. What a crazy legal system. Then at the same time, then at least you know what you go into jail

  16. You say it..
    And for this reason, the Bugatti driver will have absolutely nothing to happen to the Bugatti driver. Even if the some small spirits don’t fit into the stuff here.


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