Bugatti Veyron: 400 km h with open roof?

Bugatti Veyron

400 km/h with an open roof?

Bugatti Veyron: 400 km h with open roof?-open
In Nevada, the Veyron swirls a lot of dust

Bugatti Veyron: 400 km h with open roof?-bugatti

Bugatti Veyron: 1001 hp and 406 km/h
The Volkswagen subsidiary Bugatti thinks about an open “Targa” version of the over 1000 hp and 400 km/h fast super sports car Veyron.

This is reported by the journal "Automotive News Europe", citing sources at VW. However, there will be no storage space for the roof in the car, said the source, a former Bugatti manager, continued. Apparently because of this, the company favors a variant with a sliding roof, "because there was no other solution to ensure the safety of the driver’s cab" ".
Bugatti spokesman Georges Keller confirmed the plans for the development of an open Veyron version, but did not want to comment on details. Keller told Site that other variations were conceivable and would be checked. There are currently 220 orders for the Veyron. In total, Bugatti will only build 300 vehicles of the 1.3 million euro super sports car. Keller is confident that the Veyron will make its small series limited to 300 pieces in its current form. The current plans refer to the time afterwards. After all, the Bugatti brand wanted to be filled with life even after the Veyron. One topic that will occupy the sports car smithy is a stronger individualization of the expensive two -seater.
If the wishes are numerous enough, the open Varainte could also become a reality. Difficult to imagine, however, that a Veyron "Targa" can also openly reach its 400 km/h top speed. At least it would probably not endure a driver.

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10 thoughts on “Bugatti Veyron: 400 km h with open roof?”

  1. Dear Weineck Cobra with 13000 cc and 1700 hp
    When I read all of this here, I prefer to buy a Weineck cobra right away (as standard … Cabrio) 0-300 under 10 seconds. Consumption at full load over 100 liters. What the hell. Dage looks like a duck.

  2. Nonsense
    Nonsense has more and more method among German car manufacturers and model policy is taking on increasingly absurd features. We owe less the traditional company to produce nonsense for the engineers, but rather to our German super managers, not really here piech?

  3. Do well
    What would actually do well for the traditional brand would be "somewhat more popular" Models for the more realistic dreams. With the icon Veyron you may be able to create a legend, a grapidable and really more desirable "fire" but is not to be produced. Too bad, because Bugatti still sounds like fascination today …

  4. Experience with Veyron
    Hello, a few months ago I had the opportunity to test a Veyron on the racetrack. Because of the course of the route were "just" 320 possible – but the acceleration and the sound (similar to a jetturbine) were fantastic. If Bugatti offers a targa version, this would certainly benefit the brand – although the current Veyron is actually completely sufficient!

  5. sure, of course
    Logically, the Veyron is subsidized through the VW group. Anyone who believes something else does not know what development costs are in such a vehicle. I don’t see the overwhelming Bugatti as a super sports car, but at least as a fascinating vehicle that is second to none. I would also like to turn a rehearsal lesson- only interest-because. Otherwise, a Ferrari F 430 Scuderia is certainly much more fun, for example, since it should offer a presumably significantly direct and hardly less impressive driving experience …

  6. 400 km/h only with "Patch"
    What you may. Still added: The VMAX of 400 km/h is only available at Veyron if a kind of patch with the ignition key has been carried out beforehand. After activating the activation, you only have a single attempt until you reach the 400. If you even slow down once on the way to the Vmax, a new patch is required or it is "just" 370 km/h possible.

  7. insanity
    Have watched some videos from the Bugatti on YouTube and find the driving performance brutally. I would also like to do a few laps. In view of the quantities and mileage, consumption doesn’t matter. I can’t really understand any strange theories about subsidies.

  8. Open at 400 km/h is no problem
    Already with my M-Roadster (Z3M) it made no difference whether you were traveling at 140 km/ or 250 km/ h. At 400 km/h, the mushroom of the front shock shaft is even further and inside it remains (relatively) calm. A stable wind gap is of course mandatory to hold the vertebrae outside.


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