Bundestag extends and strengthens company car promotion until 2030

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Bundestag extends and strengthens company car promotion until 2030-extends

From the state promotion of electrical service cars by tax relief, in addition to BMW, there are foreign providers of electrical and hybrid cars, especially Tesla. Whether it is something with the extension and strengthening of the company car promotion until 2030 we consider the following. At least one can at least that the federal government wants to see more electrified cars in company fleets.

Federal Finance Minister Scholz wanted to extend company car promotion in February

We remember: Anyone who drives an electric company car also privately has to pay only 0.5 percent of the list price per month since the beginning of this year as a monetary price. Drivers of diesel and petrol vehicles calculates the tax office with one percent twice as much. Compared to the FAZ, Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz was already understood in February that “half of all cars sold in Germany as a company car. “I’ve determined that we can not let the tax promotion of electric cars and plug-in hybrids as company cars end in 2021, but perhaps extend over the next decade,” says Scholz in this context.

At the beginning of November 2019, the German Bundestag has now decided to promote electromobility and amending other tax regulations. Among other things, this concerns the taxation of electrical service cars and the tax exemption for the free loading of the cars at work. The previously limited to three years for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids at the company car taxation should now be extended in two stages by 2030.

Extension of company car taxification in two stages

For this purpose, first of 2022 to 2024, only electrical and hybrid vehicles must be taken into account, which have a minimum distance width with pure electric drive of 60 km or a maximum CO2 emissions of 50 g / km. In the period from 2025 to 2030, the required purely electrical minimum ranging range rises to 80 km. Everything below is no longer falling into the company car control. By 2030, the tax exemption for the free charge of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids has been extended in operation of the employer.

Interesting should also be the fact that a special depreciation was decided for purely electric delivery vehicles of small and medium size. This is once 50 percent of the acquisition costs and is granted from 2020 to 2030. In addition to pure e-delivery vehicles, the special description also intervenes for e-load bicycles. The prerequisite here is that they come with a minimum transport volume of a cubic meter and a payload of at least 150 kilograms.

The measures are part of the annual tax law with around 30 adjustments, which was adopted in the Bundestag with the votes of the Union and SPD. AFD and FDP voted against the law, left and green contained. The regulations come to the 1. January 2020 in force.

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3 thoughts on “Bundestag extends and strengthens company car promotion until 2030”

  1. Is already a good start, but still expandable. Apparently, the 0.03% per kilometer work route will always be forgotten. Since the most of the most significantly higher list price of E-vehicles and hybrids unfortunately properly pure. I had considered an Audi E-Tron as next FW, just under 100k € list go to 0.5%. But then 30km with 0.03% …No thank you. Will it stop again a diesel with LP 55k €.

  2. Yes, the BLP to be considered is also scheduled for distance taxation (0.03% per km). But that is now (since 2019) application!
    Otherwise, the calculation would cause little sense!

    BLP in 100tur would therefore be 50Tur, since the BLP levers over 40thirst. Otherwise it would only be 1/4 of the BLP!

    The distance taxation (0.03% per km) thus refers to the 0.5% of the BLP of 50TEUR!
    Now your ETRON should be worthwhile .. &# 128521;

  3. What happens to my company car, which has an electric range of 44 km (WLTP combined), but over the 50 g per km is? If this vehicle loses the tax benefit from 2022 as soon as none of the criteria is more satisfied, or this advantage is Z.B. for the full term of the leasing contract of 48 months? Currently, the at least 40 km pure electrical reach are fulfilled.


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