Bundestag: Vehicle tax exemption for electric cars extended until 2030

Bundestag: Vehicle tax exemption for electric cars extended until 2030-electric

Germany also wants to use its EU Presidency to accelerate change to e-mobility. Here you go ahead with good example in your own country. At the end of the past week, the Bundestag decided to extend the ten-year-old car tax exemption for until the end of 2025 erstwallen pure electric vehicles. The tax exemption is limited to the end of 2030.

About the designed extension, we had reported for the first time as part of our article “Federal Government: Increased Purchase Premium for E-Cars – Combuses Walking Empty Reported, when we could tell that the environmental bonus for PHEV and pure E cars has been increased. On the 17th. September 2020, it was time and the draft of the Federal Government for a Seventh Law amending the Motor Vehicle Tax Act was adopted with the majority of coalition fractions against the votes of the AFD, the FDP and the Greens in the case of abstention of the left in the version amended by the Financial Committee. For the vote, a report of the Committee on Budgets was also presented according to paragraph 96 of the Rules of Procedure of the Bundestag on Financing. A motion for a resolution of Alliance 90 / The Greens, who used for a bonus Malus system for first-bullet passenger cars rejected the Bundestag.

Furthermore, it should also be coordinated by an application of the Alliance 90 / the Greens. Because these wanted to bring about “as soon as possible” a reform of the vehicle tax. However, the vote was deducted from the agenda. Short back to the extended vehicle tax exemption for electric cars. The core of the legislative change is an extension of the ten-year motor vehicle tax exemption for until the end of 2025 enthusiastic ball masses pure electric vehicles. The tax exemption is up to 31. December 2030 temporary.

“In order to direct the demand more clearly on cars with reduced emission potential, an even stronger consideration of the CO2 components is planned by introducing a progressive CO2 tariff at the automotive tax for cars with internal combustion engine,” says in the design. This manifests itself in the context of the implementation by the fact that the tax of 30 euros per year for cars with CO2 emissions up to 95 grams per kilometer, between the day of the Cabinet Decision and the 31. December 2024 for the first time, for five years, longest until 31. December 2025, not collected. With the abolition of a special scheme for certain light commercial vehicles, particularly medium-sized companies should be relieved.

In addition to the extension of the tax exemption for purely electric cars, a bill “for the promotion of electromobility and the modernization of the Housing Utility Act” is also adopted in the past yesterday Thursday. Then there is thus homeownership of their a fundamental legal entitlement to the installation of a charging column for an electric vehicle, if they carry the costs for themselves.

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  1. Well that next to the chewing bonuses, also tax assurance is made to a level where only electrical and hybrids. Diesel have nothing to seek there, although SOder wanted to promote the new diesel.


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