Burner: Daimler wants to get off faster than BMW

Burner: Daimler wants to get off faster than BMW-daimler

BMW boss Oliver Zipse has defended the strategy of its group to extend slower than the domestic competitor Audi from the production of classic internal combustion engines. “The true decision-makers in our industry are the customers. And you should never lose sight of the eyes, “cited” automotive industry.Bird “from an interview of” Passauer New Press “and” Donaukurier “.

Accordingly, Zipse referred to the plans of the Munich Group, 2030 half of the cars with purely battery electric drive for sale. “If a manufacturer then no longer has a combustion offer, then the half market volume is lost, and he is on an entrepreneurial shrinkage course.”Although there will be cities, regions and countries in the next 15 years, in which the transformation process for e-mobility complete. But in the sum of the world’s 140 BMW markets would not be the case.

By contrast, Daimler boss Ola Kallenius has reaffirmed the self-employed climate goals of the car manufacturer earlier. The goal of being 2039 CO2-neutral is now the most conservative scenario, said the manager in an interview of the “Stuttgarter Zeitung”. “We look at different scenarios that are even more progressive.”The Group will give this year a strategy update in which the implementation speed and the next steps would be explained. “We have very ambitious plans.”To Kallenius’s words, there will be cars with internal combustion engines, as long as the markets or the charging infrastructure have not yet reached the point, completely on electric vehicles to change.

Decisive is how to get the technique with a reasonable price-performance ratio on the road, so Killenius. The work for this must be done in this decade. “That means we will be ready to cover all market segments from the A-Class to the S-Class with electric vehicles by 2030. But we need fast progress in the loading infrastructure.”Daimler has so far made that the entire new car fleet of Mercedes-Benz carbon dioxide neutral should be neutral at the latest. For production, that should already apply from 2022.

The Volkswagen subsidiary Audi recently announced to bring the last burner to the market in the mid-decade. From 2032 or 2033 the Ingolstadt Group wants to sell worldwide only vehicles with electric drive.

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3 thoughts on “Burner: Daimler wants to get off faster than BMW”

  1. The development steps in the dinosaurs are simply too slow. You are still going to sell from the same as possible combustions, instead of stopping as quickly as possible. What else may hurt, will expect long-term. But Oldfashion Manager just look great growth and profit. Hold on and clamps on existing. Not burn the fingers. Docess, fantasy osity up to helplessness have long been shaping the image of the German auto industry. Hold on at standstill you have perfectly institutionalized. Everyone in the chief days who still run around with a burner should be dismissed immediately. This also includes the hybrid blades. We experience an exciting time. An upheaval of which is required from below and is blocked from above – even in politics – as long as possible as possible. Who will win is clear. Only the losers are still unclear. But they will give it in Germany.

  2. Disruption has already torn Kodak, Nokia, end many others from the legs. Great that, it, soon, again new examples gives this. Mostly, Kodak was, so to speak, the inventor of digital photography.

  3. The “Game Changer” is the autonomous driving.

    The lucrative part of the value added to the automobile will move to IT – this is the much bigger challenge for the German economy. By contrast, the replacement of the internal combustion engine is the much smaller challenge


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