Burning electric cars: Tesla should train fire brigade

Battery fires

Burning electric cars: Tesla should train fire brigade

Burning electric cars: Tesla should train fire brigade-tesla
Brandweer Midden-en West-Brabant, Facebook Burning electric cars: Tesla should train fire brigade

In summer Tesla starts production in Germany. The mayor of an obvious community wants to be prepared for the emergency. Fire brigade forces should learn how to use burning electric cars directly from the car manufacturer.

If it goes to BjOrn Langner, Mayor of the Brandenburg municipality of Heidensee, Tesla should not only produce electric cars, but also offer further training measures for the fire brigades in the region. This emerges from a report by the editorial network Germany (rnd). "I will work to ensure that the weirs are given the opportunity to be trained there," says Langner.

Tesla will soon build in "Giga Berlin"

Tesla is located with the construction of his "Giga Berlin" in the final sprint. At least 7,000 people are to be employed there in the summer of this year, Site reported. A professional fire brigade was also looking for Tesla a few weeks ago. In the long term, the US electric car car wants to even want up to 40 there.Create 000 jobs. According to the regional politician, this could affect the number of accidents: "But once we have a large factory nearby, the electric cars produce, the number of electric cars in the region will also increase drastically, and thus the risk of such accidents", " says the mayor, whose community is located about 20 kilometers south of Teslas Gigafactory Grunheide.

Electric car connected to the charging station – hours later it burns lights

Burning electric cars: Tesla should train fire brigade-fire

Site/Wochit Electric car connected to the charging station – hours later it burns lights

Each fire brigade must be able to extinguish such fires. From a financial point of view, however, it is problematic for municipalities to manage such training alone. Langner therefore calls on Tesla to carry out such training courses. He made the advance at the state of Brandenburg.

Fire brigade has no extinguishing experience

The mayor’s claim has a serious background. Last year, a 19-year-old electric car driver at Grob Kreutz (Potsdam-Mittelmark) was fatally accidental, as the regional news platform RBB24 reports. The vehicle was therefore on fire. The extinguishing work turned out to be particularly difficult. "E-cars are relatively difficult to extinguish, we do not have these experiences," said Kristian Tititsch, community armed forces leader of Grob Kreutz (Havel), to the RBB.

This article was written by Franziska Albrecht

E-cars with 1 million kilometer battery: Expert warns of China’s lead

Burning electric cars: Tesla should train fire brigade-burning

Site E-cars with 1 million kilometer battery: Expert warns of China’s lead

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12 thoughts on “Burning electric cars: Tesla should train fire brigade”

  1. Amusing again and again
    How a certain one-topic commentator always defends his favorite technology reflexively. … Even disparages and discredits are welcome to use. It is therefore obvious that this gentleman either works in this industry, or otherwise benefits from it monetarily.

  2. @Kurt POgel
    A BEV can burn – very rarely – much rarer than an ICE car, but there is a chance. You forget about that for your concern "unhealthy stuff" In the case of a fire from BEV VS ICE, that the ICE guarantees "unhealthy stuff" emissions – on every single trip! Already forgotten?

  3. Aha
    So because a factory for e cars is being built there, the possession of E cars will also increase there. Where did the mayor get from such wisdom?

  4. underground car park
    My apartment also includes a parking space in the underground car park, there are parking decks for parking of 4 or 2 vehicles each. I am currently also getting a diesel vehicle, the prices for new vehicles are cheap and it is also a tried and tested technology. Sooner or later, an entry ban for electrical vehicles will come, even because the vehicles standing one above the other is even more difficult to extinguish. Furthermore there are no charging options here, if you look at the increasing charging costs, it is already cheaper to use a modern diesel. I also get a large high -quality vehicle for the price.

  5. Sensatine….
    The BM would like to work for it, logical ! Is it meant exactly what ? Actually nothing, you will see what the actual result is then. Summer is just around the corner, how far are those in the Grunheide ? Based on the (current) photos in the I-Net, this does not look like a productive start this summer. Or is the summer of 2022 meant ????

  6. The fire brigade may be informed
    set how best to proceed. However, this does not make it easier to delete or control such a battery border. So these fires will continue to burn until the energy is burned from the battery.

  7. The mayor’s concern is unfounded
    There will not be a lot of e-cars from Tesla in its region. The few on the street are probably moved by test drivers. When accidents occur, then at most because a cyclist has fallen over the fallen bumper of the Tesla. E-cars also burn in the garage more often than in traffic.

  8. why
    Why should the car manufacturer train the fire brigade? I think the fire brigade should better train the car manufacturer.

  9. So the fire brigade must learn to extinguish
    Should the mayor look at this in practice. The rapid fire development can only be compared to a fire brigade body (table fireworks). When the fire, there are also highly toxic river acid fusses. It only helps a lot, lots of water and cool, cool, cool. And that is a problem. Especially in an underground car park where the smoke cannot be removed so well.

  10. News is very scary
    You can see that again and again. When introducing photovoltaic technology for the home roofs, mood against the new technology was also made in the panic fashion: "The fire brigade has your house burned down when there are PV modules on top". Nobody speaks of it today.

  11. Mr. Sochgen,
    You did not understand your own policy. It is not about replacing the PV system in the event of damage or loss, but about the replacement of the residential building if the fire brigade has it burned down in a controlled manner because a PV system is installed. A small, but significant difference.


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