By almost two percent: VW increases new car prices

Car price inflation

By almost two percent: VW increases new car prices

By almost two percent: VW increases new car prices-gives tourist rip-off beach Mallorca
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After record sales in the first half of the year, Volkswagen is now passing on raw material prices to customers. The prices rise by almost two percent – they were only increased in spring.

This reports the specialist magazine "Automotive week". and refers to letters that Volkswagen sent to his dealers. "In the core brand VW car, prices increase by an average of 1.8 percent, with an average of 1.5 percent the surcharge for Seat and Cupra is somewhat lower, but hybrid models are disproportionately affected by the price increase. A price increase is also planned for other group brands such as Audi", so the "Automotive week".

VW Golf around 400 euros more expensive

A VW Golf would thus be almost 400 euros more expensive in the basic model. The surcharge for more expensive models is correspondingly higher. The surcharge for hybrid models is likely to be higher because because of tax gifts and purchase premiums, this type of vehicle is preferred to normal petrol engines and diesel.

At the beginning of March, Volkswagen car asked for more for his cars. "In the spring, prices at Volkswagen cars increased by an average of 1.5 percent. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles followed the same size at the beginning of July", so the "Automotive week". It is expected that other car manufacturers will increase their prices.

The car industry is currently suffering from a lack of electronic components – sometimes also caused by itself -. Numerous new cars cannot be delivered. Meanwhile, the used car prices rise to a historical level

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"Everything lies": Kellner gives tourist rip-off on the beach of Mallorca too

By almost two percent: VW increases new car prices-prices

glomex "Everything lies": Kellner gives tourist rip-off on the beach of Mallorca too

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  1. so what ?
    Is only relevant for those who are still interested in VW. Price-performance … Anyway underground and the e-orientation here doesn’t hope much good. And: who buys a new car according to the list price ?????

  2. Subsidies
    The text shows again how subsidies intervene: According to the text, the subsidized cars become disproportionately more expensive because the customer can expect the reimbursement right away and thus can benefit the manufacture calmly ..

  3. Yes, but 40% discount
    Anyone who does not negotiate a 40% discount on the list price when buying a VWS is to blame. What do the 2% more expensive?


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