BYD checks building a battery cell production in Europe

BYD checks building a battery cell production in Europe-europe

The European industry has lost connection to the battery technology, Asian companies dominate the market for battery cells with more than 90 percent market share. The EU-initiated Battery Alliance EBA (for European Battery Alliance) should help to bring cell competence and production to Europe.

Whether initiated by the EBA or not, the South Korean company LG Chem will open in Europe‘s largest lithium-ion battery factory in Poland. LG Chem wants to invest a total of 5.9 billion zloty (about 1.3 billion euros) for the plant near the city of Wroclaw and from 2018 annually up to 100.Produce 000 electric car batteries.

The Munich electric concerts Siemens also invest 10 million euros in the construction of a production for battery cells. In 2020, the factory should go into operation, then Siemens Northvolt will make a preferred battery supplier. Now it was known that BYD also contemplates the construction of a European factory for the production of battery cells for electric vehicles and stationary storage.

BYD Batteries states that one thinks about a cell production outside of China and that also includes Europe. A location is not fixed yet. This is followed by the Chinese competition such as GSR Capital, which manufacture in a NISSAN manufacturing facility in the UK, their battery cells.

CATL – Supplier of battery cells Many automobiles – would also like to make a decision in these weeks as to whether a work should be built in Europe. This decision will be necessary for the battery cell suppliers, as export from the home countries can not constitute a permanent solution. Especially if major orders are followed by European production facilities.

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