BYD delivered 70 worldwide.000 electric buses

BYD delivered 70 worldwide.000 electric buses-buses

The Chinese BYD group, which manufactures a large number of different electric vehicles, has reached a small milestone with its electric buses and has now more than 70.000 e-buses delivered worldwide. These are said to have covered a total of 5.5 billion emission-free kilometers so far. A little over a decade has passed since BYD transitioned into commercial operations with the launch of its all-electric bus fleet.

However, sales in Europe are limited, as the manufacturer reports: With a good 1800 pieces, only around 2.5 percent were delivered to European customers. According to the manufacturer, the European BYD e-buses have traveled a total of more than 140 million kilometers, which corresponds to a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 150.000 tons correspond. BYD’s electric buses are in use in more than 100 major European cities in 20 countries. BYD has been present in Europe with its electric buses for more than a decade and was the first and only company to exhibit an electric bus at the Busworld trade fair in 2011.

According to BYD, the ongoing investments and the expansion of the e-bus plant in Hungary will continue. The manufacturer follows the principle “Made in Europe for Europe”. With the expansion, the production capacity will be increased to 400 electric buses per year in one shift to meet the ever-growing demand for electric buses in Europe. BYD’s entire range of e-buses rolls off the production line in Hungary: from the 8.7-metre-long midibus to the 18-metre-long articulated e-bus and double-decker.

The BYD Group is a heavyweight when it comes to electromobility. In total, the Chinese have more than 600 in 2021.000 New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) delivered. An impressive number that is likely to increase further in the future. Because at the moment there is speculation about an upcoming cooperation in the USA, for example, in which BYD is supposed to play a key role.

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  1. Here, too, China is coming – hopefully the local industry will react “promptly” and will not oversleep the future in another market.
    And please don’t complain about the missing infrastructure later, dear VDA 🙂
    And please don’t wait for the “future technology” hydrogen until the last e-bus has left 🙂

  2. “””140 million kilometers travelled, which corresponds to a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 150.000 tons corresponds to”””

    So almost 130 liters of diesel per 100km !!


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