BYD EA1 Dolphin: E-small car with 800 volt technology on new platform

BYD EA1 Dolphin: E-small car with 800 volt technology on new platform-platform

The “E-Platform 3.0 “of the Chinese automobile manufacturer relies on the so-called blade batteries of BYD and should enable ranges of more than 1000 kilometers. With the BYD EA1 Dolphin, the company introduces its first E-car on this platform. The electric small car EA1 Dolphin. German influences can be found in the compact China streamer also.

Because the exterior design has been created under the direction of the German BYD chief designer Wolfgang Egger and have been implemented by an international team. How to get used to a typical small car also this electric car comes with a simple basic form and a more detailed side view. How to understand BYD should follow the new brand design of an ocean aesthetics, which also explains the nickname Dolphin. For upcoming BYD models already seems to be tightened that they should also be named after marine life. Visually striking is also the fact that on the tail of the advertised brand name: build your dreams is attached. At the front, the brand name proceeds without the usual oval border

Initially mentioned, the BYD EA1 Dolphin builds on the new BYD electrical platform 3.0 on. At 4.07 meters in length, the Dolphin is a typical small car that would compete with us against Renault Zoe, Peugeot E-208 and Opel Corsa-E and BMW I3. The components should be smaller, easier, stronger and more efficient than previous loosenges. So the 8-in-1 drive module can achieve an efficiency of 89 percent. According to BYD, an e-car equipped in this way only needs 2.9 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. The platform also enables fast charging with 800 volts, an exact charging capacity is not given. However, it should be possible to tap electricity for 150 kilometers in five minutes.

The 800-volt technology is available for the small electric car. Something that you don’t know from our smaller streamers. Normally intended for the city, such a charging capacity is not necessary either, since the vehicles are usually driven in an urban environment and thus close to home wall boxes. The capacity of the lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery pack has not been disclosed. Presumably it is BYD’s blade battery that belongs to the platform. Since this has performed well in various crash tests, BYD advertises the technology as particularly safe. In terms of range, around 400 km would be possible for the small car. The classification according to (NEDC/WLTP) is still open.

A synchronous electric motor with 95 hp or 70 kW and 180 Newton meters of torque provides the drive. The manufacturer does not comment on the sprint value, but the top speed is electronically limited to 150 kilometers per hour. BYD has not yet announced when the first vehicles will come onto the market. It’s just about the “near future”. However, the technical basis is to be offered to third-party customers in the near future. In the past, BYD has worked with Mercedes-Benz and Toyota, among others, on the development of electric cars. Whereby the BYD EA1 Dolphin looks ready for the road.

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6 thoughts on “BYD EA1 Dolphin: E-small car with 800 volt technology on new platform”

  1. Finally a small car that I wish for, unfortunately technically the completely wrong way.
    I would wish for a small car in the 15k € range with iron phosphate batteries and 400V system voltage. This could create a cheap and economical car with the advantages of a purely electric platform. I don’t understand why a small car has to be charged so quickly (and therefore expensive built-in technology) (a 22kw Type 2 charger makes more sense for the city).
    You probably do everything to prevent really cheap cars.

  2. It’s a good thing that, despite the name, you left out the Fiat Multipla’s dolphin snout 😀
    Find the car own. very interesting, let’s see how this develops.

  3. I could well imagine something like that. Really good configuration and design.
    However, I would only buy it if the majority of it comes from a country that meets my minimum requirements for a free constitutional state.

  4. So I think he’s really great!

    The Chinese will produce it cheaply… and market it that way.

    And the Chinese will definitely determine which technology will be used in the future..

  5. According to the Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD, the Stromer 1.000 km range. Those are very impressive figures for a compact model and leave room for speculation.


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