BYD gains a foothold in Norway extremely quickly – sales record

BYD gains a foothold in Norway extremely quickly - sales record-extremely

Shortly before the end of the year, BYD is celebrating a very special moment in Norway: the 1000th. All-electric BYD Tang SUV is delivered to a customer in Norway. The own statement after, world leading manufacturers of New Energy Vehicles (NEV), scored a new monthly sales record for electric cars in November.

The successful launch of the purely electrically operated SUV Tang of BYD in Norway has a high customer demand for the first 1.000 vehicles led, which are delivered in the country. With the Elektro-SUV BYD Tang, the company has introduced a streamer on the market, which is very positively received by the local customers. The family-owned, emission-free SUV embodies the perfect mixture of space, performance, design and range.

With its seven sit, the Byd Tang speaks mainly families who want to have space in their E-vehicle. Furthermore, he is well prepared by his four-wheel drive for Norway‘s mountainous terrain and winter conditions. The BYD Tang designed by Wolfgang Egger combines elegant and sporty lines with the latest vehicle technology. With the Tang, BYD benefits from over 26 years of experience in battery research and development.

“The Tang features BYD’s latest innovation in ultra-safe, high-performance battery technology, based on our long-standing, world-leading expertise in this field. Our Blade battery is a true milestone in the industry.– Michael Shu, Managing Director of BYD Europe

The Stromer is equipped with an 86.4 kWh ultra safe blade battery, which accelerates the vehicle from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds and has a range of 528 km (WLTP City) or 400 km (WLTP combined) enabled. With a charging capacity of up to 110 kW, the e-SUV is charged from 30% to 80% in just 30 minutes. By the end of November, the cumulative annual sales of BYD’s NEV passenger cars reached 500.922 units, underscoring the company’s leading position in the global NEV sector.

Frank Dunvold, CEO of RSA (distribution partner in Norway), classifies the strong demand for the electric car as follows: “Just a few months after the launch, we have seen fantastic demand for the BYD Tang and we expect that this demand will continue to increase until 2022. Norwegians are very environmentally conscious, and the all-electric, zero-emission Tang SUV suits them perfectly. It’s stylish, comfortable and offers great driving performance, but it’s also practical. We don’t see any slowdown in demand and are fortunate to have a good supply which means customers don’t have to wait long for delivery.”

The BYD Tang can be ordered through 43 RSA dealers in major cities in Norway, who provide sales, after-sales, parts and service to BYD Tang customers across the country. The all-electric BYD Tang SUV costs 599.900 NOK, what about 59.977.35 equivalent to euros.

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2 thoughts on “BYD gains a foothold in Norway extremely quickly – sales record”

  1. BEV are coming fast and China is coming!

    “The cumulative annual sales of BYD’s NEV passenger car 500.922 units, underscoring the company’s leadership position in the global NEV sector.”

    Unfortunately, these numbers are not enough for the BEV Krone in 2021.
    If we count “real” cars – I define them here as vehicles with safety technology such as airbags, ESP etc. and batteries > 30kW/h – then there is probably a company that is more likely to live up to this claim to leadership. 😉

    Nevertheless, applause applause for BYD, because they prevent a combustion engine sale with every “BEV vehicle” sold.

    The main thing is electric !

    With this in mind, I wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and a few contemplative hours with your loved ones

  2. From just under 60k€, perfect for the family with a not so big wallet.
    It’s nice when there is a suitable offer for every customer group.


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