BYD plans more than 1.2 million in 2023. electric vehicles for sale

BYD plans more than 1.2 million in 2023. electric vehicles for sale-vehicles

The Chinese carmaker BYD is serious about e-mobility. Sales of over 1.2 million electric vehicles are planned for the coming year. Here you move at 600.000 pure electric vehicles and 500.000 to 600.000 plug-in hybrids to be sold, which corresponds to a market share of about 25 percent in China.

These sales figures do not appear entirely unrealistic, as BYD will already reach around 100 in 2021.000 vehicles sold per month. Most recently, the sales target for 2022 was confirmed in a conference call for investors. The industry’s current forecast for EV sales in China is around 4.5-5 million units, and if BYD achieves its target of 1.2 million sales, it would mean an increase in its market share to around 25 percent. If BYD achieves these sales targets, the manufacturer would be the second company to sell more than one million electric vehicles after Tesla.

BYD electric vehicle sales in the first 11 months of the year were 509.838 units, up 217 percent from 160.848 units in the same period last year. For comparison, China’s January-November shipments totaled 2.807 million units, up 190.2 percent year on year, according to data released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) last week. This means that BYD’s share of China’s EV market reached about 18 percent in the January-November period.

The flagship, the Han sedan, reached 12.841 sales in November, and the Han EV surpassed the 10th place for the first time.000 mark. BYD’s Dolphin, which has only been on the market for four months, is still in the capacity-building phase but sold 8 in November alone.809 units, up 46 percent from October. The “e-platform 3.0” from the Chinese automobile manufacturer relies on the so-called blade batteries from BYD and is said to have a range of more than 1.000 kilometers enable. With the BYD EA1 Dolphin, the company is presenting its first electric car on this platform. With the BYD Ocean-X concept, another model follows, which is based on the BYD platform.

The diverse product range and technological innovation have made BYD the biggest winner of the transition to electrification in the Chinese automotive market. BYD chairman and president Wang Chuanfu said on March 19. November that demand for BYD models of the DM-i platform exceeds supply, with an order backlog of up to 200.000 units and that the delivery time for these models is now up to four months. Despite the fact that BYD has invested heavily in expanding battery capacity, the even stronger demand surprised them.

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  1. And here they come, the Chinese.
    Applause Applause for every vehicle that sends a combustion engine into retirement – ideally straight to the scrap yard, without a detour via Eastern Europe or Africa

  2. very good BYD.

    The Han would certainly be interesting with a blade battery.
    Unfortunately, the current model is not that great in terms of price-performance ratio.

    it remains exciting
  3. IMO the BYD dolphin will be very exciting when it comes to EU/D..

    https://www.electric car

    Low, compact design is possible thanks to LFP blade batteries

    Wolfbrecht Gosebert-electric

    … yes, the price will be very interesting 🙂


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