Byon short before completion of Chinese production site – from 2020 also in Europe at the start

Byon short before completion of Chinese production site - from 2020 also in Europe at the start-byon

In the middle of October, we have informed that Byon has secured a production license for China by a skilful chess train. Now Carsten Breitfeld, CEO and co-founder of Byon said that one continues to be on course, which concerns their own plans. The assembly plant in Nanjing, China, is almost completed. The production should start in April with the M byte, a fully electric SUV,.

The delivery in the Chinese market will begin in the second half of the next year. The launch of the M-byte in Europe and the US is expected to be planned for the second half of 2020. A second vehicle, the K-byte sedan, should go into production at the end of 2020. Breitfeld answers that one attributes to the basic principles: credible, down to earth and realistic. Only then can one show the “world that you can afford, otherwise you lose the support of investors and partners and can not build a credible brand.”

Thirty prototypes of the M byte are already on the road in China. By the end of 2018, this number should be increased to 100 vehicles. Part of these vehicles will be shipped to the United States, where Byton’s partner for autonomous technology, Aurora innovation, which will provide vehicles with self-propelled systems for tests.

It is still too early to say when this automated level 4 – one in which no human surveillance or intervention is required – will be ready. Until the market launch next year, the M-byte will be available at least with the autonomous system of Level 3. The pricing with this system is not completed yet, but it will be an optional function that can be purchased in addition.

First, Byon will start selling the vehicles in regular trade before being transferred to the direct sales in a next phase. You want to have the proximity to the customer and therefore consciously focuses on direct sales. No midfood between byton driver and the manufacturer of the vehicle. Slim processes and processes increase transparency and help save costs.

Furthermore, an automatic user profile transmission can be performed on each byton, so the driver can download his profile from the cloud on each byton vehicle. This makes every byone like your own vehicle. Is just then interesting if the vehicles of the global company are used at carsharing services.

“Our business model is not based on the sale of cars. We will start at the beginning, but that’s not a sexy business model. The margins have fallen and sink even further … The real business is to use the car as a platform and to create a sales channel for the sale of digital content by car.”- Carsten Breitfeld, CEO and co-founder of Byon

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