Byton M-byte

520 km range

China-SUV Byton M-BYTE comes with mega displays in the interior

Byton M-byte-m-byte
Byton GmbH China-SUV Byton M-BYTE comes with mega displays in the interior

The SUV M-byte is the first electric car of the Chinese start-up byton. The M-byte also looks futuristic from the outside. But the real eye -catcher is the interior with up to three displays. Byton has now published photos of the new interior on Twitter.

The gigantic central display almost runs About the complete width of the dashboard. In addition, touchscreens are built into the steering wheel and the center console. The information on the display does not revolve around the electric drive, but the connectivity of the electricity. In addition, the passengers are networked and supplied with multimedia content, because the passengers on the rear seats are also equipped with displays.

Shared mobility sales

Byton promises only a small margin from the M-byte. Sales are to be generated mainly by digital services and "shared mobility". The former boss of Byton, Carsten Breitfeld, who left the company in April, is certain that from 2028 more than 50 percent of the sales of mobility services will come, as Ecomento reports.

Byton M-byte-byton
Byton GmbH Efahrer

Available from the end of 2020

The new Byton boss, Daniel Kirchert, assumes that the series production of the M-byte will begin as planned at the end of the year. The electric car should come to the European market at the end of 2020. Of the M-byte is either with one or two electric motors fitted. The battery with a capacity of 95 kWh is said to be a range of 520 km enable.

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  1. great
    Driving with car cinema. Ask me whether a driver is no longer in these television screens than … Look at the street. But the carro series is really top design. Outside Hui, inside…

  2. @Rolf Hofmeister
    The lobby is among the combustion. In fact, 40 of them burn alone in Germany a day. Absolutely normal. Per km driven by many times more than with electric cars! In which each individual incident is hunted by the press for days. Tesla ZBSP provides the currently 3 safest vehicles in the world according to Chrast tests. Without a fire. But it is always with new technologies, first smiled at, then massively combated.

  3. @Steffen Wissel
    1) Of course, Bennen is currently more burners, but these are easy to delete. "Battery" On the other hand, up to 5 days, even under water, continue to burn and the fire brigade has no suitable extinguishing agents. 2) still, they are "Battery" New & undamaged. But the internal insulating film between +&- Has only a thickness of 1/10 of human hair and is exposed to natural aging processes.

  4. Yes Perfect
    Then the grip to the smartphone is irrelevant while driving. Who builds such a crap and also boasts with the number of displays? Hopefully such a vehicle in Europe will not receive any approval. But stop, I forgot, it’s electrical and everything is, but really everything is approved. In this sense: have fun with the digish rott.

  5. @ Stefan Wissel
    So something has to be done with the registration regulations for e-cars "different" be. Because otherwise I can admission from the "Rolling lithium-ion batteries" with their risk of fire and the lack of deletion concepts of the local fire brigades really do not imagine. Politicians, driven by an army to lobbyists, should have helped a lot.


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