C-Class Coupe: This is how Mercedes wants to attract Audi and BMW customers


Mercedes wants to attract customers from Audi and BMW

C-Class Coupe: This is how Mercedes wants to attract Audi and BMW customers-coupe

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Source: Daimler AG

C-Class Coupe: This is how Mercedes wants to attract Audi and BMW customers-coupe

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In the run-up to the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011, the new C-Class sports coupe could be seen for the first time.

Source: Daimler AG

C-Class Coupe: This is how Mercedes wants to attract Audi and BMW customers-c-class

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The car has the typical coupe shape with a dome-shaped roof.

Source: Daimler AG

C-Class Coupe: This is how Mercedes wants to attract Audi and BMW customers-mercedes

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The long bonnet and compact proportions make the new coupe appear sportier.

Source: Daimler AG

C-Class Coupe: This is how Mercedes wants to attract Audi and BMW customers-attract

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Several motors are available. The C 350 has a 306 hp engine. The speed limit is 250. Depending on the engine, the coupe is available for 33,290 to 72,590 euros.

Source: Daimler AG

With the Coupe of the C-Class, Mercedes relies on dynamism and sportiness. In this way, well-known prejudices should finally be shaken off.

W.he takes his first exit in the new Mercedes C-Class Coupe, down the A81 towards Lake Constance, and quickly realizes that in the economically successful south-west of the country, heavy traffic dictates the driving speed: the convoy does not follow signs and rules, but at the next small truck that overtakes it. At the same time, Mercedes had said they wanted to offer a really sporty coupe. What if the customer can no longer follow this idea?

You have to be able to move a sporty car beyond the 100 km / h mark. The Herrenberg run comes into view, around 30 kilometers after the start in Stuttgart. The traffic clears at last, the left lane is cleared, and the 2.2-liter four-cylinder in the C 250 CDI accelerates. It feels good, not frighteningly malicious, rather powerful and solid.

The diesel engine doesn’t sound sporty

The engine develops 204 hp, but above all the 500 Newton meters of torque leave little doubt that the car will meet (almost) all acceleration requirements. The diesel only hums softly, it is well insulated. It doesn’t sound sporty, though, although the sound design has been tried hard, on the way back, when the C 250 petrol engine comes into operation, you notice the difference: Where the diesel grows grumpy, the petrol engine also turns on Four-cylinder, but with a displacement of only 1.8 liters, creamy high and accentuated this with a powerful tone.

The petrol engine has to turn, because its output (also 204 hp) naturally reaches a higher speed level, and the greatest pulling power of 310 Newton meters is also well below that of the diesel engine. Nonetheless, the smoothness of the run and the delicate touches of a sound make the gasoline engine appear as a more believable sports coupe, although it is also acoustically discreet. With all the intended aggressiveness in appearance, this is still a car with the star in the radiator.

However: The classic coupe drivers are not addressed by this model. The aim of the C-Class is to offer something to the type of driver who has so far opted for a BMW 3 Series Coupe or the Audi A5. "We aim to address younger customers by car", says Wolfgang Bremm, Product Manager of the C-Class. "But also those who feel younger with a car like this."

What older customers hate are products for older customers

That’s exactly what it’s about: Look at the people who are 55, 60, even 70 years old today. Do you wear baggy, inconspicuous clothing? Do you prefer to stay at home? Are you no longer gaining pleasure from life because it is no longer worthwhile at your age? Three times no: What older customers hate are products for older customers.

What awaits those interested in the C-Coupe is a rather consistently implemented car, which of course offers driving comfort, but if in doubt it is more agile, just like the competition. As standard, the dampers in the C-Class Coupe adapt to the road surface – if you roll straight ahead on the autobahn for a long time, they act more gently; If you drive more dynamically on winding third-order country roads, the damping hardens.

You can accelerate this feeling by ordering the driving dynamics package for an extra charge (1178 euros). Pressing the sport button in the center console makes springs and dampers harder, the steering becomes more sensitive and the engine accelerates more spontaneously. You know that from other cars, but it’s unusual in a Mercedes.

In contrast to the predecessor CLC, which was based on a shortened platform of the predecessor of the C-Class, the new model is not a development out of necessity in order to have something like a smaller coupe in the program, but a well-calculated attack on the competition and another building block in the change that is taking place at Mercedes.

For example, the new A-Class, which will be launched on the market in 2012, will shed its minivan design and also compete as a sporty compact car with the corresponding models from Audi (A3) and BMW (1 Series).

In general, all Mercedes models have been advised since Gorden Wagener, the new head of design, took over, The new ones come out, angular, sportier, also a bit more aggressive. More chrome can be seen, the eye can follow more lines, more decorative parts and more new materials are used – in the "Edition 1" The C-Coupe has interior applications in porcelain-white piano lacquer. Nobody needs it, but it looks unusual, is a tiny world premiere in interior design – and makes a car of this kind a little more coherent.

Of course, the C-Class Coupe is also a mass-production product, which is why it differs in no way from a sedan or station wagon in the cockpit, for example. However, this shortcoming is compensated for by deliberate changes, such as the superbly shaped sports seats with integrated headrests that you put yourself on the back seat. That looks great and is probably useless for nine out of ten trips, but it had to be, as Wolfgang Bremm says. "All coupe customers buy their car for emotional reasons, and they pay attention to such details."

The coupe is often used as the first car

Everyday use is also expected, since the coupe, which costs between 33,290 and 72,590 euros depending on the engine, is very often used as a first car. So the sporty rear seat system can also be folded, at least the backrests can be moved. The trunk, which is by default not even small with a volume of 450 liters, is expanded so that even bulky cargo can be brought home safely.

Mercedes also takes common sense when it comes to engine technology: all five variants are equipped with direct injection and automatic start-stop and achieve good consumption values ​​according to the standard. The C 250 CDI, for example, can officially be driven at 4.9 liters per 100 kilometers; However, the on-board computer only displayed values ​​in this area when the car was still in stealth mode behind Stuttgart. Later, with a few more full-throttle kilometers at a speed of 240, the test drive ended at a value of 7.8 l / 100 km.

If you wanted to opt for this coupe, you would have to spend 41,174 euros, exactly the same amount as for the gasoline model C 250. However, instead of the six-speed gearbox, this has the seven-speed automatic transmission as standard, with the generally more expensive diesel engine this extra costs 2499 euros. Otherwise, the car offers a lot of pleasant things from the factory, such as partially electrically adjustable seats, leather steering wheel, automatic air conditioning, 17-inch alloy wheels, CD radio, on-board computer and light sensor.

The coupe is more expensive than the sedan

The surcharge list presents a cornucopia of possibilities, from the fine wood trim to the automatic emergency brake. The coupe, which is 500 to 1000 more expensive than the sedan depending on the version and is on par with Audi and BMW overall, can easily be configured into a dream car beyond the 50,000 euro mark.

No matter how youthful the car may seem: For that you need the full account of the elderly.

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