Cadillac Lyriq: E-SUV with up to 480 kilometers range shows itself

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Cadillac Lyriq: E-SUV with up to 480 kilometers range shows itself-kilometers

General Motors Vice to understand: “Our future is electric”. This does not only apply to General Motors itself, but also for their luxury brand CADILLAC. Still in December 2019, it became known that Cadillac‘s first E-car will celebrate its debut in December 2020. Still in the first half of 2020, the electric luxury SUV Cadillac Lyriq should be presented. What happened at the beginning of August 2020. All photos, facts and data are below.

Cadillac Lyriq – Dynamic, Modern and Full Electric Luxury Crossover

“Under the leadership of Lyriq, Cadillac will redefine the American luxury in the next decade with a new portfolio of transformative electric vehicles. We will provide experiences that appeal to the senses, anticipate wishes and enable our customers extraordinary trips, “said Steve Carlisle, Executive Vice President and President of GM North America.

Cadillac Lyriq: E-SUV with up to 480 kilometers range shows itself-kilometersCadillac

The Lyriiq will build on a next generation modular electric vehicle platform of General Motors, which sets Ultium batteries. This will allow CADILLAC customers to choose from a wide range of range and performance options. The manufacturer mainly emphasizes that the range is more than adequate for everyday life and relies on 480 km with full battery. Which can be loaded both at home, at work or on the road. High store is possible with 150 kW DC loading.

Due to the modular platform, there will also be the Lyriq optionally with rear wheel drive as well as high-performance four-wheel drive. Inside, the driver and other occupants looks at a 33-inch diagonal LED screen, which designs the interaction with the vehicle as pleasant as possible. “Lyriiq was designed to make every trip exciting, and uses more than a century of innovation to lead the brand into a new era and at the same time to reward passengers with a more personal, bonded and more urgent experience,” like Jamie Brewer, Cadillac Lyriq Chief Engineer, to understand.

Cadillac Lyriq: E-SUV with up to 480 kilometers range shows itself-kilometersCadillac

Brewer complements that it is not “only an extraordinary electric vehicle, but primarily around a Cadillac” handle. The new head-up display of the Lyriq is waiting with two levels and improved reality: a near plane displaying speed, direction and more, and a remote level indicating transparent navigation signals and other important warnings.

Modular electric car platform and ultium batteries as the base of the Lyriq

Within the Lyriiq, the Ultium Battery System is a structural element of architecture integrated in a manner that contributes to driving behavior and handling and security. The deeper center of gravity and the weight distribution of nearly 50:50 enabled by placing the battery pack lead to a vehicle that is athletic and responsive and enables spirited driving.

Cadillac Lyriq: E-SUV with up to 480 kilometers range shows itself-showsCadillac

In addition, the Lyriiq is driven primarily from the rear wheels, with optional high performance four-wheel drive available. The placement of the drive motor at the rear of the vehicle contributes to an even greater sense of balance and agility. It also allows the system to guide more torque on the road without the wheels piercing, thus ensuring a intoxicating acceleration and better curvance. Vehicles with high-performance four-wheel drive are still one step further, since a second drive unit is located on the front of the vehicle which enables considerable voting flexibility and improves driving dynamics and performance for the driver.

His energy relates the electric car from a 100 kW battery set to state-of-the-art NCMA chemistry (nickel-cobalt-manganese aluminum). This is deliberately set on aluminum in the cathode to reduce the need for rare earth materials such as cobalt. Compared to current GM batteries, one could reduce the cobalt share by more than 70 percent.

First E-car is waiting with a new, formative design

Cadillac‘s first electrical SUV gives a bold design statement that introduces a new face, new proportions and a new presence for the new generation of electric vehicles of the brand. It is a forward-looking vision that is not restricted by the needs of a traditional internal combustion engine and powertrain.

“The Lyriiq represents the next iteration of the cultural brand stylling, enabling the electrification to express Cadillac only. Inside and outside, the Lyriq is a well thought-out integration of design and technology and should make an occasion from every journey.”- Andrew Smith, Executive Director, Global Cadillac Design

The electric car define through tight lines and clean surfaces. The LyriiQ is enforceable and modern, characterized by a low, fast roof line and a wide attitude that conforms to maneuverability and trust. Additional details such as a through-flow roof spoiler express the careful attention of the aerodynamics to optimize the efficiency on the highway.

A striking “black crystal” grill in the front is one of the most unique and expressive design elements of the Lyriq. It is also a dynamic feature, as it is part of a dramatic light choreography, which – together with a bold vertical, slender LED signature lighting – welcomes the owner in the approach. At the stern, a shared tail lightnign comprises slim LEDs, which are also integrated into light choreography.

Cadillac Lyriq: E-SUV with up to 480 kilometers range shows itself-e-suvCadillac

In the interior, the new electric vehicle architecture of the Lyriq opens up new possibilities in terms of spaciousness and design of the vehicle. The result is an airy, minimalist design that involves the driver and passengers more in the driving experience and at the same time offers exceptional functionality when it comes to storage solutions. In addition, it is full of subtle but obsessive details such as backlit speakers, curved screens with hidden storage options and, like the outer, orchestrated lighting elements.

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