Call back after VW exhaust gas scandal: political pressure too big? That is behind the forced recall

Call back after VW exhaust gas scandal

Political pressure too big? That is behind the forced recall

Call back after VW exhaust gas scandal: political pressure too big? That is behind the forced recall-back
dpa/Jan Woitas Despite the VW scandal, the automotive suppliers of Germany are confident.

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

With safety -relevant recalls, car manufacturers can sometimes take their time for years – with exhaust gas software, everything should suddenly go very quickly. The federal government apparently also wants to take itself out of the line of fire.

In the Volkswagen exhaust gas scandal, the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) ordered the recall of 2.4 million diesel vehicles . This was said by a spokesman for the authority in Flensburg on Thursday. "We will monitor the recall", he announced.The KBA considers the software to be illegal in the affected diesel vehicles of the VW Group. The authority takes the view that it is a "inadmissible shutdown device acts", Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt said in Berlin on Thursday. The politician said that 2.4 million vehicles are affected in Germany. Originally there was talk of 2.8 million vehicles in Germany – this number resulted from the original approvals. However, around 400 are now.000 cars no longer in Germany.

VW: "Intensive quality tests"

The new VW CEO Matthias Muller had initially promised a call back from January, which could take until the end of 2016 by the end of 2016. Previously, the Wolfsburg carmaker wanted "Intensive quality tests" make.

Why you should rather sell your diesel now

Call back after VW exhaust gas scandal: political pressure too big? That is behind the forced recall-scandal

Why you should rather sell your diesel now

Print from Berlin?

The now announced Hauruck campaign is extremely unusual, Especially since it is not a security -relevant recall, but a software fraud with influence on exhaust gas behavior. It’s not about bustling airbags or fire -dangerous engines. Due to VW’s exhaust gas trickery, and are never endangered by vehicle inmates.How long car manufacturers can take time for a recall – even with those that are classified as safety -relevant – was last seen using the example of a BMW recall due to defective airbags.In a way, this is also understandable, because it is always weighed between the possible danger for the driver (in the case of defective takata airbags at least in German latitudes) and the costs for a large-scale recall campaign.

Call back after VW exhaust gas scandal: political pressure too big? That is behind the forced recall-back
FOC This is what a recall letter looks like: BMW had to recall older 3 due to possible airbag problems

So if the Federal Motor Transport Authority at the VW scandal presses so massively onto the tube, the suspicion is obvious, that this happens primarily towards political pressure. And with it the federal government wants to take itself out of the line of fire. Because in a report to the EU Commission, this has already indirectly admitted that at least since 2014 it knows from the strong deviation of many EUR 6 diesel car emissions values.

Less KBA, more NHTSA and EPA?

According to many experts, the real problem was and is that the KBA does not – like in the USA – check compliance with exhaust gas limit values or consumption values. Jurgen Resch, head of German environmental aid, is one of the critics of common practice. The "official recall of all vehicles manipulated by VW will be legally forced from the Federal Motor Transport Authority", Resch had already announced a week ago.In the United States, the environmental authority EPA and the traffic safety authority NHTSA generally control the car manufacturers much more and with sensitive punishments. In addition, consumers can be compensated, for example if cars consume too much fuel . In Germany this was not yet possible in this form.The KBA could not be reached for a statement on Thursday.

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11 thoughts on “Call back after VW exhaust gas scandal: political pressure too big? That is behind the forced recall”

  1. Ruin
    Somehow it has to be possible to use a global company as a basis. Ok, VW has crap … Built and they have to answer that. But that the government and KBA are now also supported instead of supporting it is somehow typical of this country.

  2. A nice decision by the KBA –
    Only with the removal of the software at the cars concerned are not cleaner. In order to get them clean, elaborate technical upgrading is required – and even VW does not yet know how it can be done. Even if it is VW desert, the necessary parts must first be produced. Who should do that in a very short time? And then they all have to be installed by the workshops. This will be a never ending story.

  3. Where are the eternal know -it -all?
    Especially these super-clever and always greens punch in where they can. Blind and conceptless. They even overlook the fact that this time it is around 600.000 jobs goes. Otherwise they defend everything and always, the main thing is "Against it", When it comes to only 3 jobs.

  4. Probably these are
    Economic experts convinced that the lots of work in connection with recalls and retrofitting should certainly create many jobs.

  5. All just a matter of time,
    Then a scrappage bonus will be due again…Exchange campaign, old (relative) against new and Germany’s soul is calmed down, which despite everything also likes to take fraud….Because jobs!!!Ha ha ha ….How to make the argument of the economy.Honesty cannot be affected as a VW owner.

  6. Man doesn’t read anything about it
    Or is that only possible by phone, what does Qatar say, after all, it is the3. The biggest shareholder in VW! 17% are not without…Merkel is already active, because Lower Saxony also holds 20%.Fortunately, nobody knew about the fraud……

  7. This is economic war
    and our government grabs the Americans. VW has crap and will pay for it, together with all suppliers and above all employees. That will still hit D. But that now, although this is really not necessary, strikes our government, testifies to their stupidity. First NSA, now VW!

  8. Political chess game of the government
    The big problem of this government is the complicity of some governing. Good lobby work was done, the Enscheider decided in the sense of the automotive industry. Only other automobile manufacturers were also advised, which did not come up with the required values even with the petrol engines. Here it is like in the tax scandal of Hoeness, many have embezzled taxes, but the one who showed himself was slaughtered! Here too, VW is charged, but the others are just as bad, just not noticed.

  9. @ Mr. Goetze
    The work of the lobbyists is indeed remarkable. However, with your argument VW you can use your fraud software and the other manufacturers that move within the framework of the legal regulations. Your assertion, other manufacturers just as bad, is simply wrong. Because they didn’t cheat. In this respect, the procedure against VW is tough, but appropriate. In any case, I don’t want to be cheated!

  10. Typical German
    That thousands of jobs are in danger of who is interdicated. Even if VW masters the whole thing. Small suppliers are then the losers again. Medium -sized companies have been dismantled for years. Our most important producer for our prosperity. Typically German we saw the branch on which we sit

  11. Improvement of the legal status of damaged purchases
    That is probably an essential aspect for the millions of VW bumped buyers. The decision of the KBA improves their chance of success for massive compensation by VW, even if it will end in a true flood of process.


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