Can reason be a sin?

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Can reason be a sin?-reason

Can reason be a sin?-reason

The front lights should be reminiscent of a Puma: the small Ford wants to be an emotional car.

Can reason be a sin??

Ford launches the Puma, a crossover based on the Fiesta. A compelling car that raises questions about the law.

Cars are sold through emotions. The Ford Puma should also be an emotional car. When the first design drafts were shown to potential customers, a lady spontaneously remembered a puma from the animal kingdom, says designer Thomas Morel. “The high-mounted headlights add expression to the car; we were also able to integrate the light signature of the Ford GT.” The borrowings from the company’s own super sports car should also ensure that the Puma is a car that exudes joie de vivre. The striking wheel arches and the roof line that slopes towards the rear underscore this impression.

But at heart, the new crossover is a thoroughly sensible car. It offers a surprising amount of space, both in the front seats and in the back and especially in the trunk. It holds 456 liters, a whopping 164 liters more than the Ford Fiesta, which is based on the same floor assembly. The sheer amount of space is supplemented by clever details. A deep trough is installed under the loading floor paneling. In this “megabox”, as Ford calls it, there is space for around 80 liters of luggage. The trough has a drain on the bottom and can therefore be easily rinsed out if you transport dirty hiking boots or the like. In addition, the deep trough also makes it possible to take tall objects with you; a golf ball can easily be placed in the trunk.

The removable seat covers, which can be washed in the washing machine, are also clever.

All-round secured

Twelve ultrasonic sensors, three radar systems and two cameras keep a close eye on the area around the compact crossover. For the first time, Ford can offer a reversing camera with “Split View” technology, which gives you a wide-angle view of the area behind the car. In addition, all the technologies that you would expect in a modern car are available. From the emergency brake assistant to a blind spot warning system to adaptive temporal and lane departure warning. The cloud-based hazard warning is new. In this way, the Puma can warn the driver of dangers even before they are visible to the naked eye. Hazard alerts can be sent or received across brands. For example, as soon as the hazard warning lights are activated, the emergency brake assistant has to intervene or the airbags have even been deployed, the car emits a warning signal that is received by other road users in the vicinity and can warn the driver accordingly.

The digital highlights in the small SUV also include the digital cockpit with nice graphics and the four driving modes, which set the front-wheel drive to all kinds of driving situations. From trail mode for easy terrain to sport mode and eco mode for particularly economical driving. An attempt to manage the increasingly difficult balancing act between emotional driving pleasure and the lowest possible CO2 emissions.

Typical Ford

The Puma handles the subject of driving pleasure extremely well for a crossover. The elevated seating position doesn’t make the little one feel spongy or wobbly in any way. It steers directly and precisely, stays on track and seems pleasantly agile. That’s no surprise given the Fiesta base. The fact that the Puma manages to offer good suspension comfort despite sporty handling is almost a matter of course for a Ford.

The three-cylinder engine is now also typical for Ford; here the brand with the blue oval is one of the pioneers. In the Puma, the 1.0 liter engine delivers 125 or 155 hp and can be ordered with mild hybrid support; this is standard on the more powerful variant.

This makes the engine lively, revving and sufficiently powerful.

Already unreasonable?

Ultimately, however, the Puma’s drive also raises questions. Because despite slight electrification by the 48-volt mild hybrid system, the almost 4.20 meters short and 1280 kg light crossover with a standard consumption of 5.4 l/100 km according to WLTP and corresponding CO2 emissions of 124 grams per According to the law, kilometers are already a climate sinner; it clearly exceeds the required average value of 95 grams per kilometer. At most, the 1.5-liter diesel that will follow later should be below this value.

Otherwise, the strict standards can hardly be met without complex plug-in hybrids, full hybrids or electric drive technology. For the compact segment, however, these are usually too expensive – the Ford Puma starts at 25,900 francs, which does not leave much room for such expensive technology.

On the other hand, we see a growing range of large SUVs with plug-in hybrid drives, such as the large Ford Explorer. With a basic price of CHF 86,900, the engineers can afford more expensive technology, and larger batteries can also be easily accommodated over a length of 5.05 meters. The large SUV has Co2 emissions of 72 grams according to standard measurements. The fact that such large models are currently being promoted, while smaller, reasonable models are becoming less and less economical for the manufacturers, is ultimately not the fault of the industry, but is much more due to the guidelines of politics.

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