Canadian suppliers are planning their own E-SUV

Canadian suppliers are planning their own E-SUV-planning

Canadian automotive suppliers do not want to leave the business with electromobility no longer only the car manufacturers: the APMA, organized in which 90% of the Canadian suppliers are organized, plans entitled “Project Arrow” a separate electric SUV, which is completely developed and built in Canada target. The presentation of a first prototype is planned for CES 2023, the series production should start 2025. The production of around 60 is planned.000 pieces per year. According to Apma President Flavio Volpe, more than 130 companies have already been interested in the project.

There is still little detail of the electric drive itself, the battery pack will find little surprisingly in the underbody. So far, only an electric motor on the front axle is considered whether a second on the rear axle will come for a four-wheel drive is not yet known. According to a report of the “Auto, Motor and Sport”, the vehicle should be located between the Tesla Model Y and the Model X, so be more than 4.75 meters long. The self-supporting body will consist of only eight stamped parts and few magnesium castings. The first rendering shows a pawed front, long wheel stalls and short overhangs. The four doors should all be performed as a sliding variant, the two front open forward, the two rear push backwards. This allows a big entry without B-pillar.

In Canada, there is no internationally active car brand, but some works of US manufacturers such as FCA or GM. Accordingly, a large supply industry has arisen. This should now be upgraded with its own brand.

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2 thoughts on “Canadian suppliers are planning their own E-SUV”

  1. Interesting:
    In Europe More and more manufacturers reduce the reference of suppliers – keyword: vertical integration.
    In Canada Respond the suppliers and become a manufacturer &# 128578;
    Even if 60.000 pcs. a year with just about. 260 / day could be ..

  2. That almost sounds like a slave exemption for me. Those who have the actual work
    make the arrogant OEM and mobilize and let it keep / left, take the whole thing in the hand. Very symphatic!
    Nobody wants to build the  car. Foxconn Z.B. Will build one yourself. Better for the customer who does not have to pay the aggressive money greed by Apple.


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