Canoo appoints VDL Nedcar for the handler, production start 2022

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Canoo appoints VDL Nedcar for the handler, production start 2022-production

The electric vehicle start-up CANOO, which works on a modular electroplate form with a variety of applications, has announced its coming steps. During the first investor Relations Day of the company, Tony Aquila, Chairman & CEO, known the Dutch VDL Group known as a commissioner. Accordingly, VDL NedCar will first produce the lifestyle vehicle for the US and EU market, while CANOO builds its own manufacturing facility in the USA parallel.

In this way, Canoo could fulfill its obligation to start production in the fourth quarter of 2022 and shortly thereafter to deliver the first vehicles. For the first models that arise on the variable CANOO platform, it is the lifestyle-called vehicle. Later, a multi-purpose delivery vehicle and a pick-up should follow. The lifestyle as initial praise CANOO in the basic version from a good 35.000 dollars, converted about 29.400 euros. The range will give the manufacturers with up to 400 kilometers, the performance with up to 257 kW (350 hp).

“We have conducted a comprehensive search, investing significant amounts of time and resources that extended throughout the globe to find our Phase 1 contract manufacturer. VDL Nedcar is the right partner, “said Aquila at the investor event. VDL is “the most trustworthy European manufacturer who developed high quality products for leading OEMs,” and have surpassed his competitors with considerable lead. VDL is likely to be known as a manufacturer of electric busts.

The strategic partnership will enable Canoo to bring vehicles to the market, while the company builds its own phase-2 plant in Oklahoma. “She also positions us strongly for the geographical expansion in Europe,” says Aquila. CANOO tarpaulin to build a permanent relationship with the VDL group.

According to the Communication, CANOO and VDL have already worked together in production planning to lay successful foundations for the US production plants to be built by CANOO. The plant of VDL NedCar in the Netherlands should produce 2022 up to 1000 units for the US and European market, from 2023 a year 15 are expected.000 units run from the tape.

German car experts as founders

Canoo would be founded in 2018 under the name Evelozcity in California. The three founders come from Germany and have experience in the car industry. Stefan Krause was previously commercial board at BMW and in the same position at Deutsche Bank. Karl-Thomas Neumann was CEO of Adam Opel AG. He has also worked in his career for Continental and Volkswagen Group China. Ulrich Kranz is considered the father of the project I at BMW. He brought the BMW I3 and the BMW I8 on the street. The responsible designer, Richard Kim, he took to start-up with.

The founders left the company at different times before CANoo 2020 passed a spac deal to the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. At times there were talks between Apple and the start-up. For the Korean Group Hyundai Kia, Canoo should contribute its skateboard platform for upcoming models, but from the cooperation was nothing according to media reports. Now Canooo, which now employs around 400 employees, alone his way and starts with the marketing of the models.

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5 thoughts on “Canoo appoints VDL Nedcar for the handler, production start 2022”

  1. I think the design brave and cool. One of the few e-cars who are trust design features that have arise from technical need for burners to fully.

  2. I think that very convincing.

    I really thought about whether I preorder the thing.
    Unfortunately currently only pre-ordered in USA.
    And when the part is produced at the end of next year, that’s really great.

    That will be really exciting

    Thank you & keep it up

  3. Wow. Finally someone who does not reclaim not yesterday, but really thinks new. Absolutely cool concept. Here, practice is made about accelerator. We need such cars more. Bravo, keep it up. My voice you have.

  4. VDL Nedcar in Born NL is a very good car computer. Currently there is still the BMW X1 and some models of Mini.
    I’m curious how it will run with CANOO.
    Congratulations to the Nedcar workforce.

  5. Wow – cool design
    I’m looking forward to tech details – V2H, battery sizes, gadgets, etc.
    Hope Canoo remains loyal to the puristic approach!

    And @Dagobert – I find 350PS not exaggerated when compared to other manufacturers. Important are the NM, especially if the car can be used as a towing vehicle
    Without a trailer coupling, the not selling in the USA..


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