Car app: Mobile information for traffic offenders


Mobile information for traffic offenders

Car app: Mobile information for traffic offenders-information

Getting flashed can be expensive. BubgeldMobil determines how much the violation costs and how many points it is punished with

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The free app knows how expensive it will be if you were too fast by car and has a questionable extra: it even determines how much km / h you can afford for your money above the speed limit.

20 kilometers per hour too much and the lightning flashed, traffic light run over red, what does it cost? And how many points does that get? The BubgeldMobil app knows all fines for speed limits, alcohol and red light violations. In addition, the points that there are for it in Flensburg. The app is free for the iPhone

You can simply enter the maximum permitted speed in the mobile companion and how fast you were traveling yourself. Then you have the result. There are three menu items for the three categories and sliders.

How fast can I go for my money?

There you can also set whether you have been flashed before. This is important for a possible driving ban. The app also takes into account special regulations in localities and for novice drivers as well as abnormal driving behavior, hazards or an accident.

The fact that you can also turn the displays below to find out how fast you can drive for the amount x or how high the speed has to be to get a three-month driving ban is rather a bit weird and not exactly exemplary. The app is available here.

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