Car commerce cooperates with e-craft to the well-being of the customer

Car commerce cooperates with e-craft to the well-being of the customer-well-being

From now on, the German car industry (ZDK) and the electrician (ZVEH) common cause when it comes to advise e-auto buyers expertly advised. The two industry associations have made themselves, within the framework of the joint cooperation, provide customers with solutions around the purchase and operation of electric cars from a single source. This was at least divided the German car industry recently. The cooperation will begin with a simple flyer.

This was designed under the title: “E-Mobility and Loading Infrastructure – Competent advised by your interior operation” and will be available in car dealerships and workshops. In the flyer itself, the most relevant information for the first touch with electromobility should be. For example, you will learn that normal sockets for charging are rather unsuitable and should take place before installing a wallbox a check of the in-house electricity network, for example, to prevent overload. Also, one will show the future electric car driver, as the electric vehicle can be operated environmentally friendly and favorable with electricity from its own photovoltaic system.

Relevant is certainly the reference to the brochure on an online database with around 500 e-mobility specialist companies. Specialist companies that are already deeper in the topic and advised accordingly. The cooperation thus pursues the approach to a potential E-vehicle buyer to offer all advice from a single source. Whether in the car dealership or the workshop.

“Our customers come to the car dealership or the workshop for advice to buy or repair a vehicle. You expect a complete power package around the vehicle. By referring to the e-mobility specialist companies, we can beat the bridge to the charging infrastructure.”- Wilhelm Hulsdonk, ZDK vice president

Comprehensive advice before the purchase of the vehicle also holds Zveh-Vizethomas Burkle for indispensable: “The possibilities to charge electric vehicles are manifold. Only at the specialized craft does the customer get an optimal and individually tailored solution.”

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