Car Expert Pieper: “Technology Office is no longer the best answer”

Car Expert Pieper:

Despite currently high billion gains, auto-expert Jurgen Pieper does not optimally equip the German manufacturers in terms of mobility change. Above all, Daimler and BMW would lag behind sustainability and climate protection, says the analyst of the bank Metzler in an interview with the Badische Zeitung.

“Ruilding between: Yes, we want to become a climate-friendly, and: No, we do not want to prescribe a certain path, affects defensive and undecided,” says Pieper. Only the VW Group go a clear path in the direction of climate friendliness. The role models are most likely Tesla and Volvo, which voluntarily set a speed limit at 180. Such signs should come much stronger than before the German manufacturers.

Straight Tesla is still ahead of the competition. Pieper: “The company is the world’s market leader for E cars and management thinks in contrast to other consistently electrical.”To develop and build your own batteries, do not operate any other manufacturer in this consequence. “Also, the architecture of the car for creating a central software is still – and probably for a few years – no other.”

Surprisingly, the demand for E-cars and hybrid models in the pandemic time have fully used, so beeper. And that, before the state premium had been raised. Corona and climate crisis may have increased sensitivity to soft, health-related and even existential topics. “Anyway, we are in the early phase of a real technological revolution with already boomy trains.”

At the latest 2035, the mass production of internal combustion engines will expire, suspects Pieper. Politically, at least the EU and China and most Western countries would even increase the pressure on the industry in the direction of a possibly earlier exit. Only because of some emerging economies, the production of burners is still maintained. In return, the expansion of the charging infrastructure will continue to accelerate. Pieper: “The trend towards e-mobility is so clear that an investment wave will come.”

However, the persistent forces in the German manufacturers are still great. While the VW Group has changed its course, BMW and Daimler would rather try to hurt the still large faction of the combustion enthusiasts. Especially these two companies with their global broadcast could still emerge much clearer characters, says Pieper. “Technology Office is no longer the most codding answer to the current challenges.”

In view of 10 to 20 years, to Piepers views are degraded. E cars are simply less complex and also required lower maintenance. A compensation could be that the industry attracts more activities than before. This show the penetration in the battery delivery and or the construction of its own car networks. “In contrast, in contrast, the internal combustion engine did not try to build a separate gas station network.”

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2 thoughts on “Car Expert Pieper: “Technology Office is no longer the best answer””

  1. That the management of a company that has never built anything other than electric vehicles, consistently electrically thinks, may well be clear and is not a special award.
    Since a heat pump heating has been running for us since 1992, I have also consistently electrically intended and never thought of fuel oil.
    On the other hand, the self-production of batteries at Tesla is still a myth, a very carefully maintained myth of Tesla. So far, it just did not work out.


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