Car guide: The most common mistakes in road traffic


The most common mistakes in road traffic

Car guide: The most common mistakes in road traffic-most

According to the road traffic regulations, overtaking is only allowed on the left. An exception is made for mopeds and cyclists, because they are allowed to overtake on the right – but only if the Vtraffic jams or the other vehicles wait at a red light.

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Many wrong assumptions are circulating among motorists and motorcyclists about the use of cell phones, the headlight flasher and the gap between lanes in a traffic jam. We explain what is allowed and what is not.

E.It may have been a long time, but the rules and regulations learned in the driving school must be observed. And of course the new ones too. However, many people have made mistakes about how to behave in certain traffic situations. Or the road users bend the rules themselves, for example on the way to work when things have to be fast and the streets are often full.

In such situations, motorcyclists in particular use the gap between the lanes and meander past the stationary cars. Overtaking to the right, which also includes winding through, is not permitted and can be punished with a fine and up to three points in Flensburg as a violation of the Road Traffic Act (StVO). If an accident happens, the courts will also credit the driver with contributory negligence.

Dodging on the hard shoulder is also not permitted. According to the StVO, it is not considered a lane and must therefore not be used for driving. Motorcyclists are generally allowed to overtake on the left, but only within the lane markings, and that often fails because of the lack of space.

Cyclists are allowed to overtake on the right in traffic jams

According to the StVO, the situation is different for mopeds and cyclists, because they are allowed to carefully overtake a traffic jam or waiting vehicles at the traffic lights, ruled the Dusseldorf Higher Regional Court (Az .: 5 Ss (OWi) 151/90).

If there is neither forward nor backward on the road, the music system is happy to provide a distraction. Nevertheless, the music must not be so loud that the ambient noise is completely masked. An impairment exists at the latest when the driver overhears a siren and hinders the emergency vehicle. In this case, the driver commits an administrative offense, which is punished with a fine of 20 euros.

When the convoy of vehicles starts moving again, a call on the mobile phone is extremely inconvenient. Even pushing away an incoming call on the mobile phone while driving is considered to be using the device and incurs a fine. The Cologne Higher Regional Court decided and imposed a fine of 50 euros on the driver (Az .: III-1 RBs 39/12).

Parking disc in the case of a defective parking ticket machine

If there is then an overtaking maneuver on a visible route, according to the StVO outside of the cities the overtaking can be announced by horn or headlight flasher. These signals are only prohibited in built-up areas. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure that oncoming vehicles are not dazzled by the high beam and that repeated exposure or driving up too close is a compulsion for those driving in front.

When you arrive at your destination, you have to find a parking space and the associated parking ticket machine. If the machine is defective, the driver must take a parking ticket from a functioning device in the same parking zone. If this is not the case or if the other machines have also failed, the StVO stipulates that a parking disc must be used. You can then park for a maximum of the maximum parking time indicated on the machine.

If there is no suitable change at hand or if the parking ticket machine does not accept a certain coin, you have to get other coins. Because it is up to the driver, so ruled the Hamm Higher Regional Court, to make so many attempts with different coins until a parking ticket is produced (Ref .: 3 Ss OWi 576/05).

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