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Is he good enough??

With this car, VW cannot afford to make any mistakes: first test drive in the purely electric ID.3.

“I’m convinced that e-mobility will finally make a breakthrough,” says VW board member Jurgen Stackmann. The ID.3 has many strengths – but also teething problems.


Failure is not an option: the VW Group has already invested billions in e-mobility; by 2024, the investments should total 33 billion euros. After the diesel crisis, the group now wants to become the world market leader in electric cars. An ambitious plan that doesn’t allow for failure.

With the ID.3, the offensive is now also bearing fruit at VW – finally. After full-bodied announcements and numerous studies, the Stromer, which was intended for the general public, initially made a name for itself with delay reports due to software problems. These have now apparently been largely resolved, the ID.3 can be ordered now, and the first cars should roll out to customers in the fourth quarter of 2020. Initially only with a 58 kWh battery (net) and 150 kW rear engine. The basic version with a smaller 45 kWh battery and the top model with a 77 kWh battery and a range of up to 549 km will follow in 2021.

For the first test drive, the Stromer is available as an “ID.3 Max”, i.e. with full equipment and the average battery capacity, which according to the WLTP measurement is sufficient for a range of 426 kilometers. After the first test drive of almost 300 kilometers over country and highway, around 400 kilometers in everyday life seem realistic – which means that the ID.3 can definitely keep up with the most important competitor: the Model3 from Tesla. While the Californian Stromer can charge a maximum of 200 kW, the ID.3 is only 50 to 125 kW depending on the version; Ideally, you can use it to charge up to 350 kilometers in 30 minutes – which means that even longer journeys are not a problem.

Car - Is he good enough?-good

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Car - Is he good enough?-enough

Car - Is he good enough?-enough

Car - Is he good enough?-good

Car - Is he good enough?-enough

Car - Is he good enough?-good

Car - Is he good enough?-enough

Car - Is he good enough?-enough


Airy, spacious and bright

Inside, the ID.3 looks more spacious than a Golf, which is in the same size league. Because the electric drive allows the wheels to be moved farther outwards – the wheelbase is a whopping 13 centimeters longer than that of the VW Golf. There is a lot of space, especially in the back seat. The only downside: With the largest battery option, the ID.3 changes from a five-seater to a four-seater because the additional weight of the battery reduces the payload. However, the space itself remains the same, as does the trunk volume of 385 liters.

The front is also comfortable and airy – although the low shoulder line and the large side windows make you feel a bit exposed and the seating position seems a bit high for tall people – because the battery is installed in the vehicle floor. A unique feature of the ID.3 is the very flat windscreen. It helps the Stromer to have a longer range thanks to lower air resistance. The fact that the ID.3 with a drag coefficient of 0.27 still performs worse than a Tesla Model3 is mainly due to the steep rear; a flat sedan tail is better in the wind, but is less practical for many customers. The flat windscreen is a bit impractical. Especially on hot summer days, it ensures a lot of sunshine, especially on the front seats. The interior heats up considerably as a result.

The cockpit is tidy and clear. In front of the driver there is only a small digital display as a speedometer, in the center console is the touchscreen navigation of the latest VW modular generation with simple operation and clear display. Only the material appearance in the interior is not convincing across the board.

Little high-quality hard plastic is used on the doors and dashboard – which would be quite reasonable for the basic version from 32,000 francs – for the higher equipment variants, which cost up to 51,100 francs, a little more finesse would be appropriate – especially since the driving experience is quite pleasant thanks to very good noise insulation is. Only in the city does the suspension seem a bit tight – and the brake pedal a bit undefined because the interaction between the engine and mechanical brakes is not yet optimally coordinated. But VW could also fix that with a software update.


Engine: E-motor, synchronous perm.

Power: 146-204 hp/310 Nm

Drive: heck, auto 1 gear

L×W×H: 4261×1809×1552mm

trunk volume: 385L

Weight: 1720-1900kg

0-100km/h: 7.3 to approx. 8.5 seconds.

Vmax: 160km/h

Consumption: from 15.4 kWh/100 km

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