Car manufacturers cancel over 400.000 orders

Chip deficiency in new cars

The delivery disaster: car manufacturers cancel over 400.000 orders

Car manufacturers cancel over 400.000 orders-Born lets muscles play test
Slavek Ruta/Zuma/dpa/symbol image According to the industry association, the reason for the lack of new registrations are delivery bottlenecks for microchips.

The prices of new cars rise sharply, the many used cars are even stronger – the car replenishment is scarce. Delivery bottlenecks, chip crisis and raw material deficiency are to blame. Hundreds of thousands of customers are angry – but have little chance of compensation.

The car manufacturers have around 430 in the past three months.000 orders of their dealers canceled. The Central Association of German Motor Motor Show (ZDK) comes to this extrapolation after a flash survey in the third week of January. Of the 884 participants, 80 percent (708 companies) stated that cancellations were affected by cancellations.

Car manufacturers cannot deliver

On average, around 37 vehicle orders were canceled in the past three months, in total around 26.300 vehicles. “Maintained 80 percent of the nationwide 14.600 factory -bound companies (11.680) We’re talking about around 430 here.000 ordered vehicles that are no longer delivered, ”says ZDK Vice President Thomas Peckruhn and indicates a big problem of car dealerships.

Strange reference to the Tesla website: old batteries in new models

Car manufacturers cancel over 400.000 orders-orders

Site Strange reference to the Tesla website: old batteries in new models

The manufacturers and importers should not have accepted the orders against the background of the difficult delivery situation, he complains. The problems are now being passed on to the car dealerships, to which part of their business basis is withdrawn. Customer satisfaction, on which most of the brands are part of the remuneration for the dealers, will also suffer massively. In addition, manufacturers and importers ignore the fact that a legally binding contract was concluded with the assumption of an order, which cannot be easily changed or canceled, the industry association states.

Burglary in the new registrations

Also around 80 percent of the retailers surveyed stated that there was no corresponding compensation or help from the manufacturer or importer. "This situation is intolerable for the factory trade, and against the background of a massive break-in of the number of car approvals, which last year was around one million units under the previous crises in 2019," said Peckruhn. He could see little of the postulated partnership of the manufacturer and trade.

What to do if the new car doesn’t come?

But not only dealers are frustrated. Customers who are waiting in vain for their new car usually have bad card, especially when a non -binding delivery date has been mentioned. Actually, you only have one option: you can withdraw from the purchase contract after a certain period of time. In most cases, compensation is not to be expected. You can find detailed information on this topic here .


Better than the ID.3? Cupra Born lets the muscles play in the test

Car manufacturers cancel over 400.000 orders-Cupra Born lets muscles play

Site Better than the ID.3? Cupra Born lets the muscles play in the test

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11 thoughts on “Car manufacturers cancel over 400.000 orders”

  1. Skoda delivers
    So Skoda is currently the best manufacturer of e-cars. The delivery times are currently … at 4 to months. Even Tesla is currently slower. The quality of Skoda also exceeds all manufacturers from America and Asia. I waited almost 3.5 months on my Skoda Enyaq IV80. This is simple and undisputed perfect!

  2. Tesla
    So Tesla, who also one "Computer on wheels" is called, can deliver. Orders are currently accepted that are delivered in the email. Friends who ordered a new BMW last summer have not always received a binding delivery date from the dealer. So it seems to be due to the ability/inability of the respective car company.

  3. Manufacturers present new models ..
    …and then cannot deliver? I don’t think so. You can’t advertise for something that is not there at the moment.And who will order a new car on good luck? There must have been concrete commitments .So there must also be damages in the event of delays or cancellation by the manufacturer.We ordered a new special model in February in February, and after 2 months it was delivered, as the dealer promised .This was also agreed in the binding order.

  4. Where nothing is bought – nothing is made!
    This simple merchant logic will probably be under the guise of the guise "Chip deficiency" or "Delivery" covered? A clearly communicated shortage of sales is clearly unsettled by the remaining customers, perhaps therefore this story from "Delivery"? In a commercial training, you learn very early on that you should never communicate reasons for a lack of sales to be honest. For the motto when you ask business people/craftsmen about the business situation "We currently have many orders…." In my very large circle of acquaintances (approx. 35 families) I know no one of the middle and upper classes that would have ordered a new car in the past 12 months. I bought a Tesla myself and it was handed over with extra equipment in late summer after 8 weeks.

  5. It’s not that bad
    I was interested in the Skoda Enyaq – the manufacturer couldn’t even tell me 8 months ago how and when I would get one. I have now ordered a Tesla M3 – 3 months delivery time. My US Tesla M3 is already sold. And the new car comes on time 2 weeks after the move …

  6. @Feddermann
    You can tell from month to month how panic rises in them. The bad thing about all of this is that Tesla says exactly what they will do – sometimes years in advance and yet the – as they say "arrogant" – old auto industry the necessary changes. Question: Which German manufacturer has something like the Gigapress in progress? How do you want to compete?

  7. Contracts must be observed
    Is not a problem if there is only a non -binding delivery date on the contract, then you should only deliver the car to me in 2023 or 2030. But just terminate one -sided because supposedly no more chips are to be obtained (which will occur at some point), sometimes it doesn’t work at all. Finally lawyers have something to do again.

  8. Why are some less affected
    Here you should differentiate a bit, because mainly older standard chips that have been used in many areas have been used for a long time, so they are subject to strong demand and there are delivery problems here. Furthermore, some car manufacturers have suppliers who also use semiconductor modules in their assemblies. So chip crisis comes to chip crisis. Car manufacturers who have rely on new electronics chips (there is z.B. Also Tesla in his model 3 and y) are far less affected by the delivery of such components of such components.

  9. One
    Hardly believe it, but if you want to order a Mercedes today you will not get it before 2023. Incredible, as in 1960, at that time there was up to 2 years of delivery time.

  10. But different than before
    Mercedes has no outstanding security and. Shelfness advantage more. Other brands caught up there, at the same time Mercedes had offered lousy body processing. (I had a 190s: no rust, my neighbor a subsequent C-class, with a lot of rust….)))

  11. very easily
    If the manufacturer does not want to pay compensation, I add damage to the cancellation company by choosing a different manufacturer for the replacement. Unfortunately, the article is flat -rate here. Not every manufacturer has these enormous problems. The naming of the "Declaration" Would be helpful, so that the inclined new car buyer does not run into this trap


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