Car manufacturers steam the model range drastically

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New registrations are falling throughout Europe: car manufacturers steam the model range drastically

Car manufacturers steam the model range drastically-drastically
Robert Michael/DPA central picture/dpa At the German car market, new cars are currently more expensive than ever.

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The electrical trend continues, but combustion engines are still being sold worldwide. So that car manufacturers can handle the developmental effort, reduce the model program. Because there are too many variants – with falling sales figures.

How times can change. Until the 1990s, the AutoTelt still had a good grip on the variety of variants, because at that time there were just around a hundred different vehicle variants. But then it started on the German market, which is as image -prone as well as volume -rich German market. Within 25 years, more than 3000 models were made from the formerly 100 models – Gigantic 30 times as much, spread over different models, body forms and engines. With ever new derivatives, new segments were created within a short time.

The hunt for every new niche

The competition between the individual brands was increasing; If a manufacturer had occupied a new niche, the others had to follow suit. Hardly anyone wanted to leave a market segment to the competitors. In addition, there was a saturated market across Europe. But the diversity has also led to more sales or today the manufacturers sell even fewer vehicles? The analysts of Jato Dynamics have taken a closer look at the numbers.

Car manufacturers steam the model range drastically-manufacturers
Jan Woitas/DPA central picture/dpa/image archive A Volkswagen ID.4 Drives for delivery over a parking space with further new cars.

In the past 20 years there has been a megatrend – SUVs and crossover have been the most popular body variant over almost all vehicle classes and price regions. The high-towering vehicles with off-road vehicles have not only gained in Europe, but also worldwide and made up around 45 percent of global car sales last year. In Europe, 45 percent of the total approvals were also available on SUVs until August this year until August.

Opponent of Tesla Model Y: The Mercedes EQB can do that

Car manufacturers steam the model range drastically-range

Site Opponent of Tesla Model Y: The Mercedes EQB can do that

New registrations are falling across Europe

From 2000 to 2007, new car registrations in Europe were 15 to 16 million units annually. From 2008 the economic and financial crisis provided the first dent; Sales decreased to an average of 13.7 million vehicles per year by 2016. After that, the European market recovered again, the approvals were between 15.5 and 15.7 million units. Then came the corona pandemic and pulled the car market down-not only in Europe-. To date, the level of 20 years ago has not been exceeded again – between 1991 and 2019, the total sales have only increased by eleven percent. In the meantime, Europe’s new car market, such as the North American and the Japanese, is largely saturated. For the manufacturers, this means finding new ways to reduce costs or to conquer new customers from other brands.

SUV wave only slowly subsides

Since only a limited number of new customers are added every year, the manufacturers have created new segments to attract the attention of their clientele. Then the SUV wave, which went out of the USA in the late 1990s, came just right. The SUVs ground made well at high speed and quickly became a popular alternative to the traditional slanted rear limousines, station wagons and vans that dominated Europe’s streets for decades. With the SUVs, the manufacturers could not only expand their range of models, but also request more money for vehicles that are technically largely identical to their assembly trends.

Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

Car manufacturers steam the model range drastically-steam

Site Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

Success does not tear off: customers are still ready to pay more for an SUV than for a car with classic body form. The SUVs are a welcome source of income for the manufacturers who have had trouble achieving their goals in the past ten years. On the other hand, the larger crossover ensures higher CO2 emissions and the popularity of the pseudocraxers is at the expense of traditional segments. It is only astonishing that, although the SUVs let the manufacturers’ profits bubble, this could hardly affect the overall registrations. They have not only stagnated for years, but the total sales of the seven European car brands that offer SUVs, has broken down drastically between 2001 and 2021 both in the B and C segment.

With every model generation less sales

In 2001 the Peugeot 206 was almost 443.000 units The best-selling model in the B segment in Europe. It was the only Peugeot model in the small car class. In 2016, the Peugeot in 2008 came on the market as a SUV counterpart to the 208-and became a second best-selling SUV in the B segment in Europe. But this year Peugeot has only 287 together of both models together.000 pieces sold, that is two thirds of the 206 sales of 2001. However, this is not an isolated case: other volume manufacturers such as Opel, Renault or Ford, fight with the same problems.

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Of course, good maintenance and care is important in older cars. But how do you find a good workshop? The Autoscout24 portal examined the customer reviews of workshops in major German cities for site. You can find the results here .

The same trend can also be observed in the compact class (C segment). In 2001 the VW Golf was 466.000 units at the top of the segment and the entire market. Five years later, the bestseller also existed as a large -scale limousine golf plus. And the approvals rose to 474.000 units. Between 2011 and 2016, the total volume could be increased even further thanks to the newly introduced Tiguan. But this year Volkswagen is just coming to 314 with the derivatives Golf, Golf Sportsvan, Tiguan and Tiguan Allspace.300 units sold. 390.It is 600 if you ID.3 and ID.4 counts. That sits: A single model found more customers than six models in 2021 in 2001.

The number of variants is evaporated

And there is currently not much to say that this will change at short notice. The number of vehicle variants will reduce in the coming years. One or the other recently closed gap in the model program must be opened because most manufacturers offer vehicles with combustion engine and electric drive in parallel in the coming years. The increasing trend of the electric cars will make life difficult for affordable small cars and one or the other sedan is replaced by a crossover as well as the combination variant. In addition, the wide engine portfolios, diesel drives and vehicles with manual transmission are increasingly disappearing.

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Car manufacturers steam the model range drastically-model

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  2. Disposal demand for diesel cars worldwide
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  4. Tesla increases sales by 87%
    The global market leader for e-cars has almost doubled its sales. A third are company cars. With the German car manufacturers, the expensive cars are 80% company cars. When Grunheide finally takes up production, the waiting times may reduce a little. This is not certain because the demand for electric cars continues to increase. In November the E-cars were 20% of the registrations. For this year, production will only be increased by 50%. The battery deficiency also paralyzes the production of Tesla. The production of cybertruck has been postponed, although 1.5 million orders are available.

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  7. Many e-cars are company cars
    This means that companies improve their CO2 balance sheet at the same time. In addition, the purchase of eutos is highly subsidized. Even if terms like "Purchase bonus" or "financial support" are used, they are subsidies. Study of Deutsche Bank: Emobility in Germany is a redistribution of ARM to: "In general, people with a higher income currently take advantage of state funding measures than people with a lower income. Often electric cars are in a household and/or they are used as a company car. In contrast, all taxpayers finance the funding measures and the expansion of the charging infrastructure in accordance with their respective performance. Site from 06.09.2021"Promotion-loophole at the electric car: taxpayers’ association demands stopping the purchase bonuses"

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