Car new registrations: New highest value in the electrical component

Car new registrations: New highest value in the electrical component-highest

Last October, in Germany, a total of 178.700 cars released. That’s 35 percent less than in the same month last year. At the same time this means a decline compared to the respective last year’s month in the fourth month in a row. In the first ten months, 2.2 million cars were released. Thus, the previous year’s figure of this period was underscored by five percent, according to the Automotive Association VDA and the Motor Trade Office (KBA) in its current messages. The number of newly approved cars with gasoline drive decreased by -43.9 percent, with diesel’s decline at -56.7 percent.

The electric new registrations (electric cars and plug-in hybrids), on the other hand, rose 13 percent in October 54.400 units. The proportion of electrified cars to the entire new registrations was thus 30.4 percent. This has again significantly exceeded the previous maximum from September. The new registrations of purely battery electrical cars (BEV) laid 32 percent to 30.560 units too. They now come to a market share of 17.1 percent. The new registrations of plug-in hybrids (PHEV) went by five percent to 23.734 units back, they now make a share of 13.3 percent. For comparison: Petrolers currently have a market share of 36.2 percent, diesel come to 17.3 percent.

Among the German brands Smart achieved an authorization increase in October with +13.0 percent. The other brands recorded declines compared to the same month last year. At Porsche, the decline of -0.8 percent was slightly out. For all other brands, the admission statistics had two-digit declines, which ranged from -16.2 percent at BMW to -57.7 percent at Audi (Opel: -27.6%, Mini: -31.5%, Ford: -39 , 9%, VW: -40.2%, Mercedes: -45.0%). VW with 15.8 percent was the most proportional German brand.

In the import marks, the electric car manufacturer Tesla at +482.9 percent literally increased, followed by Polestar, also only with electrified models, with +84.7 percent. Also Mitsubishi (+ 5.9%), Subaru (+ 5.8%), Ssangyong (+4.6%), Jeep (+4.5%) and DS (+1.1%) were recorded in the reporting month registration enhancements. The other import marks, on the other hand, posted admission declines, which in Skoda (-55.3%) and Jaguar (-55.1%), each with more than 50 percent most than 50 percent. The largest new addition of import marks Hyundai achieved 4.5 percent.

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4 thoughts on “Car new registrations: New highest value in the electrical component”

  1. If Tesla is at the front of the absolute numbers (September), then absolute numbers are published. If Tesla is at the front month of the previous year’s month (October), then these numbers are published. So everyone is always clear that Tesla is the absolute winner.
    If then in January for all year comes out that they have lost market share overall again (like the last 3 years), then this is like Trump in America, many do not believe in the result and firmly assume that in truth he won.

  2. And again, the dirty burners (plug-in hybrid), which run a lot of additional weight, very “front”.
    Unfortunately not good for our children, grandchildren and the future of this planet.
    Too bad that there are still people who do not turn on their brain. &# 128521;
    By the way, a diesel engine is the hardest in the combustion category.

  3. Tesla can not build mechanically good cars, but has the best overall concept such as Z.B. The loading network, the software control with the charging column management, the software updates etc. I have already bought a Tesla long ago. Since we only want to have a car, my wife has to talk to a word. We live in the countryside and drive from time to time in trailer.

  4. Something else for info

    https: // http://www.T-Online.DE / Finance / Boerse / News / ID_91107768 / Elon Musc-Hinter-of-Twitter Survey Being-Probe-One-High Tax Payment.HTML .
    So that the Warr-Warr is even opaque. What should be aimed with it can at least be guessed.
    I do not think that this story has something to do with normal car production.


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