Car – suv or station wagon? Both!

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SUV or station wagon? Both!

The VW Passat Alltrack in the test: Good for crossing an SUV and station wagon?

VW Passat Alltrack

Even if the market share of SUVs is steadily increasing: the long-legged off-roader offspring not only have friends. What to do if you don’t want to drive an SUV for practical or ideological reasons, but don’t want to do without one or the other advantage, such as the higher seating position – and you might actually need a little off-road mobility from time to time because you maybe you want to climb a dirt road?

The solution is the compromise that has become a car: an off-road station wagon such as the recently modernized VW Passat Alltrack.

Car - SUV or station wagon? Both!-wagon

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Car - SUV or station wagon? Both!-wagon

Car - SUV or station wagon? Both!-wagon

Car - SUV or station wagon? Both!-station

Car - SUV or station wagon? Both!-station

Car - SUV or station wagon? Both!-wagon

Car - SUV or station wagon? Both!-wagon

Car - SUV or station wagon? Both!-wagon

Car - SUV or station wagon? Both!-station

Car - SUV or station wagon? Both!-wagon

Car - SUV or station wagon? Both!-wagon

Car - SUV or station wagon? Both!-station

Car - SUV or station wagon? Both!-wagon

The VW Passat Alltrack wants to close the gap between SUV and station wagon.

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It differs from the well-known Passat Variant, as the station wagon is called by the people of Wolfsburg, primarily through protective coverings all around and on the underbody and around three centimeters more ground clearance. That doesn’t sound like much, but you can feel it as soon as you get in: You don’t let yourself in fall into the driver’s seat than just sit down. A subtlety that can make a decisive difference in everyday life. This also applies to travelling. You sit a touch higher and feel a little more elevated. Even more important: the longer suspension travel and the slightly softer tuning ensure better suspension comfort. The fact that the station wagon leans a little more into the curve and therefore doesn’t look very sporty is not disturbing; the Alltrack is more of a comfortable glider. The 2-liter diesel with 190 hp installed in the test car also fits in with this. It is clearly recognizable as a diesel, especially during a cold start, but apart from a slight starting weakness, it harmonises well with the 7-speed DSG gearbox with all-wheel distribution. Thanks to 400 Nm of torque, the Alltrack is definitely sufficiently motorized – and with a standard consumption of 6.2 to 7.0 l/100 km, measured in terms of utility, it is quite reasonable. Because even as an “Alltrack”, the greatest strength of the Passat station wagon remains its trunk: According to the data sheet, it holds 650 to 1780 liters – and in everyday life just about everything you want to take with you. Because the loading space is flat, free of corners and niches and easy to load thanks to the deep loading sill.

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