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The new old ones

At the age of 30 you are considered a classic in the car world. These models will become classic cars this year.

Citroën 2CV

Made available

In the vernacular, every old car is an "oldtimer". The Road Traffic Act takes it a little more precisely. A veteran is just an automobile that was first registered at least 30 years ago.

In addition, the car must be technically in perfect condition. Visually, the car may well show signs of wear, but only to an extent that suggests careful care. Repairs that are not carried out professionally or optimizations that are not up to date also make the veteran entry impossible. So not every car can become an official classic car.

On the other hand, a car with a veteran registration enjoys a number of advantages. They only have to be presented to the Road Traffic Office every six years; Depending on the canton, any number of veterans can be admitted to one exchangeable plate. In addition, many insurance companies offer advantageous conditions. But beware: A veteran may only be used for private purposes, more than around 3000 kilometers per year are not allowed.

Car - The new old ones-ones

The 3 Series BMW of the E36 series came in a completely new design.

In 2020, some new models will reach the 30-year hurdle. The most prominent representative is certainly the BMW 3 Series E36. The third generation of the Bavarian mid-range came in a completely new design and, typical of the 1990s, was rather angular. BMW installed completely new technology under the sheet metal, the heart of which was the longitudinally installed four- and six-cylinder in-line engines. Above all, the six-cylinder should be popular with collectors. However, the sporty M3 of the E36 series did not complete the range until 1992. The German TÜV praised the E36, which was built as a sedan, coupe, convertible and station wagon, for its fundamentally good rust prevention. The main problems are the axles and the brake system. Due to the large number – more than 2.7 million E36 were built – spare parts are still readily available.

Car - The new old ones-ones

Old Swede: The Volvo 900 was launched in 1990.

Also in 1990, Volvo launched the 900 series. The further development of the 700 series was available as a sedan and as a station wagon with four or six cylinders. The models of the 940 with a 2.3-liter turbo engine (135-165 hp) and the 960 with a 3-liter in-line six-cylinder probably have the potential to become classics; the 204 hp petrol engine was developed by Porsche on behalf of Volvo. Traditionally, the Swedes are of course more sought after as station wagons. The German TÜV classifies the Swede as solid; but you should take a closer look at the electrics, the parking brake and the exhaust system.

Car - The new old ones-ones

Driving pleasure in its simplest form: The Citroën 2CV.

After 5,114,966 vehicles built, the last duck left the production facility in Portugal on July 27, 1990. This means that from summer onwards the Citroën 2CV will only be found as a classic car. The small car from France stands for driving in its simplest form, weighs only around 560 kilograms and came with the smallest engines with displacements of 0.375 to 0.6 liters. However, the duck needs a lot of care, especially in old age; especially if you are aiming for a veteran entry.

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