Car toll: ADAC insists on guarantees for German drivers

Car toll

ADAC insists on guarantees for German drivers

Car toll: ADAC insists on guarantees for German drivers-german
dpa/Jens Buttner The ADAC calls for guarantees to relieve German drivers

In view of the increasing opportunities for an introduction of the car toll, the ADAC insists on compliance with the commitments for German drivers. If a toll is actually reality, there must be binding guarantees, an ADAC spokesman asked on Thursday evening.

"No additional burden for German drivers, no injustices between European drivers and any additional income must be used to invest in the future of mobility." According to the requirements of the Union and SPD coalition agreement, German drivers should not have to pay off.The EU Commission had previously said in Brussels that it was discussed in discussions "very far -reaching progress" gave. Because of the original plans, Brussels had announced a lawsuit against Germany in front of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) at the end of September.

Dobrindt: "The toll is coming"

Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) relies on an early agreement, which would, however, have changes to the already decided model. "The toll is coming. I am confident that we can conclude negotiations with the EU Commission this month", he said the "picture"-Newspaper (Friday). The turn comes to the CSU party conference that begins on Friday.The Greens reacted skeptically to the breakthrough in the toll dispute. Either the model would fail in front of the European Court of Justice or German drivers would pay because there would be no 1-1 compensation for them, said Greens parliamentary group leader Anton Hofreiter of the "Berlin newspaper" (Friday). "This would be broken by the central promise of the Union and the SPD", so farm. He asked Dobrindt not to deal with the populist topic again, but with more important things such as clarifying the diesel scandal.

Local countries are to be relieved at vehicle tax

According to information from EU circles, the agreements made so far stipulate that the German toll law is changed in some points. Among other things, it is about introducing cheaper short-term tariffs for commuters and tourists from the EU foreigner. In addition, the 1-1 compensation for German drivers should be adapted to the vehicle tax.

So far it was said that both in and foreigners have to pay toll, but only domestic people would be relieved in return with the vehicle tax- on the cent exactly at the amount of the toll. The accusation from Brussels was that the German toll model, disadvantaged EU foreigners. Dobrindt said to "picture", He wanted to strengthen the cause of the cause and promised one "real system change from tax to user financing".Now it is discussed that owners could even get a little more tax relief than they pay tolls. This could be declared as environmental funding and thus move away from a direct toll compensation a little further.

Picked toll is "discriminatory"- EU Commission is suing Germany

Car toll: ADAC insists on guarantees for German drivers-guarantees

Site Picked toll is "discriminatory"- EU Commission is suing Germany

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4 thoughts on “Car toll: ADAC insists on guarantees for German drivers”

  1. Bet that the driver pays more
    So far there is no reasonable calculation, what the toll infrastructure costs and what … The toll brings in. I bet that after 5 years the driver will pay on it at the latest. What does Dobrindt have during his term of office except unnecessary "leading position" created in the ministry ? Probably we will soon be a highly paid "Toll management" Get as a new lighthouse project.

  2. Prestige project is struggled through
    The German driver already thought the prestige project of the CSU in the bin and finally praised Brussels and now all the nonsense goes into the next round. What a good way and what a breakthrough it should be? Dobrindt masoned this with Juncker himself. The compensation via the vehicle tax is tilted. Now the environmental provision of the cars is to be taken into account. The fan block of the infrastructure tax, which otherwise lands where it is not where it is intended, is manageable. The Union will leave the flag because of this nonsense. So far, the street users have paid around 53 billion via vehicle mineral oil, proportionate VAT and trucks to the tax authorities. But only 17 billion. the public sector is out for the road network.

  3. The German driver will pay off…
    Isn’t it what the Greens want anyway? This hypocrisy of the parties really sucked out….

  4. Dobrindt plays with the fire
    In times of Merkel chaos policy, they are no longer allowed to do a break because I hardly believe that those responsible can survive politically.Dobrindt should see how he gets out of this number – without the German driver paying it because it will be carefully dripped anyway !


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