Car toll: Maut compromise comes across protests in neighboring German countries

Car toll

Maut compromise is met with protests in neighboring German countries

Car toll: Maut compromise comes across protests in neighboring German countries-maut
dpa/Jens Buttner After the approval of the EU Commission to a changed model of the car toll, resistance is formed in neighboring German countries.

According to the approval of the EU Commission, resistance is formed in a modified model of car tolls from German neighboring countries. The Netherlands want to complain against a toll introduction to the European Court of Justice (ECJ), as Minister of Transport Melanie Schultz van Haegen announced.

Austria also criticized the compromise immediately. The discrimination against drivers from abroad is now a little more veiled, but still there, said Transport Minister JOrg Leichtfried. The opposition in Germany also attacked the plans sharply.Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt defended the toll as fair and fair. Left-wing traffic expert Herbert Behrens said the dpa: "Nobody understands how an even greater improvement of the local drivers should reduce discrimination." Green Group leader Anton Hofreiter told the newspapers of the Funke media group: "If the Federal Government does not stop the Dobrindt-Maut, it is high on the return list in a green-mitated government."

More tax relief for low-pollutant cars

Green Group Present Oliver Krischer complained: "If some drivers should now pay less, but no one more, Dobrindt delights the country with a toll that costs the state more than it brings." After years of dispute, the EU Commission had given the green light for the car toll on the condition of several changes. Accordingly, domestic car owners should continue to be fully relieved of toll payments.However, particularly low -pollutant cars should get more tax relief than they pay – a total of 100 million euros more than before. In addition, the prices of short -term tariffs for drivers from abroad are to be redesigned. According to Dobrindt, the expected yield of the bottom line of 500 million euros per year should remain through the toll.

ADAC: Additional income must only be invested in the infrastructure

EU Commissioner Violeta Bulc said on Thursday evening after a meeting with Dobrindt that there were no longer any concerns about disadvantage for foreigners. The Commission is now putting the procedure initiated against Berlin due to the violation of EU law. Regardless of this, EU member states can pull before the ECJ. The Dutch minister said that Austria, Belgium and Denmark might also join a lawsuit.

CSU state group leader Gerda Hasselfeldt welcomed the compromise with which her party complies with a promise of election. "Above all, the CSU depends on the fact that justice is achieved with the cause of the cause: everyone who uses our streets must pay for it", she said the "New Osnabrucker Zeitung" (Friday). The ADAC driver club demanded that additional income of a toll would have to be secured in the long term and that only the improve the improvement of the infrastructure should be invested.The Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) sees a few more questions. So it is unclear to what extent the toll is actually noteworthy additional income. Legal disputes with neighboring countries should be avoided. Positive is a stronger relief of Euro 6 cars in the vehicle tax. "This can create additional incentives for ecologically advantageous fleet renewal."

Maut: The cost 10 days of German motorway

Car toll: Maut compromise comes across protests in neighboring German countries-compromise

Site/Wochit Maut: The cost 10 days of German motorway


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10 thoughts on “Car toll: Maut compromise comes across protests in neighboring German countries”

  1. Political Affentheater
    The toll is certainly the right way. But it would be much better if in our … oh so free Europe no country should raise a toll. All that is left to hope that the minuses and the administration of the millions are still left.

  2. When does the last one understand that everything …
    according to plan and politicians a devil around the well -being of the citizens. To read in site: […] According to a media report, there was only a compromise between the Commission and Dobrindt because Chancellor Angela Merkel gave Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker Green Light. That reports the "mirror". According to this, Juncker Merkel is said to have asked in the Chancellery in early September: "Do you want the toll?" The Chancellor saw an opportunity to reconcile with the sister party CSU – and answered yes. Juncker then forced the negotiations with Dobrindt.[…]. Wires construct on the table, EU against it and now you have your bogeyman and Schauble keep your money. He did not do without the change mark either.

  3. I think,
    that it is not to be believed. This toll has been discussed for years and most is still not the basic difference between the toll in the other European countries and the toll how doring she wanted, or. want. If you keep in mind, no sensible person can advocate folk surveys.

  4. The toll has completely different reasons
    Se is owed to the eelektro cars that will soon come. and the spasamen hybrid vehicles. This causes considerable tax failures. The mineral oil tax in the case of electricity must be commented on. To do this, you can now make the toll infrastic. Later you will then calculate the toll kilometer, and of course increase significantly. Everything that is now told about tolls by the politicians is pure eyes. The toll is used exclusively long -haules. How else should you replace the mineral roasters? Heating oil could be colored to prevent tax backing. MT does not work.

  5. All treat the same
    I don’t know why many don’t want to understand it.. Everyone should pay if there should be toll in Germany… No matter whether foreigner or German!! This difference is not available in any other country.. In France there are French in front of me who pay as much as I do… I don’t understand why that shouldn’t work in Germany.. In case of doubt, abolish car taxes!!

  6. Especially the Austrians
    When I was last in Austria I had to pay a motorway fee, why are they allowed to ask for it and we don’t? Only our is much too cheap, € 2.50 for 8 days, what’s the point, drive through Italy, you pay € 100 until you are through.

  7. When the neighboring countries
    The toll does not fit, they should simply have other streets or. Use motorways….It’s a very easy thing!

  8. Welcome to Europe!
    As usual, all of Europe gusts around on our highways and when we think about it "All" The big shitstorm breaks off in the maintenance costs. Hello, it’s still possible? Our neighboring countries have been doing the same for decades! Well, that’s exactly why we are that "German Michel".

  9. I don’t understand the excitement of the neighboring countries
    I do not understand the excitement, the only tragedy is the well -paid Europe/national politician of all EU countries that are unable to introduce a uniform Europe wide toll. But that Austria is so upset noted…. I am a luxembourg and will pay the toll in Germany (just as much) as the toll in the other EU countries.

  10. Complain
    Exactly the right rip -offs and transit drivers. Either we pay stupid and stupid in their country or the Dutch without refueling 10 times a year over our highways. No matter how much stays in the end, these gentlemen should make sheets with us.


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