CATL battery plant: Huge 120 GWh factory starts production

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The new plant in Fuding is the largest of the Chinese cell manufacturer to date

CATL battery plant: Huge 120 GWh factory starts production-battery

CATL, the largest Chinese battery manufacturer, has started series production in a new battery plant. The new location is the company’s largest plant to date. The planned production capacity is 120 gigawatt hours (GWh) annually.

The new plant, called Plant 2, is located in Fuding, about halfway between Shanghai and Hong Kong on the coast. This means that it is only about 140 car kilometers north of CATL’s headquarters in Ningde. According to CATL It took less than a year from the start of construction to commissioning.

According to Cnevpost, the 120 GWh roughly corresponds to the capacity that was built into Chinese e-cars in the first eleven months of the year. Assuming 100 kWh batteries for the sake of simplicity, the annual capacity of 120 GWh is sufficient for 1.2 million electric cars. In a first phase, the production capacity should be 60 GWh. For this phase, CATL has invested 17 billion yuan (about 2.4 billion euros). The production of cells and modules is planned.

A few days ago, CATL also issued an official press release announced the first groundbreaking ceremony for another battery plant. This is being built in Xiamen, around 340 kilometers south of Ningde by car. It should reach the planned capacity of around 20 GWh in December 2024.

With the two new plants, CATL will have ten production sites worldwide as well as joint ventures with automotive companies. The planned production capacity will then be over 600 GWh. For comparison: In the first quarter of 2021, CATL was 13 GWh number one among battery manufacturers worldwide.

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Another production site is currently being built in Arnstadt near Erfurt – the first CATL battery plant outside of China. The groundbreaking ceremony there took place in October 2019. According to a report in the Automobilwoche A new building with a length of around 500 meters with six production lines is to be built there from November. Completion is planned for the end of 2022. Then 14 GWh should be generated there annually; later the capacity will increase to 24 GWh. Fisker is one of the customers belong.

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