CATL is serious about recycling & invests billions

CATL is serious about recycling & invests billions-catl

It is clear that the battery manufacturer Contemporary Amperex Technology, CATL for short, is serious about playing a decisive role in e-mobility. This can be seen above all in the fact that CATL thinks beyond pure production. Finally, the company with BASF has received a strategic partnership with BASF to devote itself mainly cathode materials and battery recycling. The latter is now driving forward from our own power.

Catl is a world leader in innovative new energy technologies and one of the largest manufacturers of electric car batteries. The company is currently planning to build a battery materials recycling plant in central China’s Hubei Province with an investment of up to $4.96 billion, the EV battery maker said in a statement earlier this week.

The company’s announcement comes at a time when global demand for electric vehicles has surged, making securing battery materials a key task for the industry. China, the world’s largest auto market, has also set standards and policies to promote battery recycling and save materials.

Most recently, it was said that the company wants to expand its global production capacities for battery cells to up to 1200 GWh by 2025. Some of the raw materials required for this will come from the joint venture that will be established with Hubei Yihua Chemical Industry Co Ltd. Materials such as cobalt and lithium should be recovered from used electric car batteries.

CATL is also working on a new electric car battery that should contain neither nickel nor cobalt. As is well known, these two materials have so far been key components in the batteries that supply electric cars with the corresponding energy. One tries to minimize the use of valuable raw materials by several approaches.

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  1. Everyone is serious about recycling because now is the time and it will be rewarded. For Germany it is a huge opportunity to get jobs and natural resources.


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