CATL launches EVOGO battery replacement solution

CATL launches EVOGO battery replacement solution-battery

Chinese battery manufacturer CATL‘s subsidiary Contemporary Amperex Energy Service Technology (CAES) has launched EVOGO, a battery swapping solution that includes battery modules, battery swapping stations and an app. The functions of Evogo belong to the manufacturer a high compatibility with different vehicle models, a demand-based battery rental and compatibility with fast charges and the charging in the household. First, ten Chinese cities are selected in which Evogo services are to be offered.

With the exchange batteries, CAES wants to solve several problems, such as richness, inconvenience during loading and high total cost of ownership. Based on the separation of vehicle and battery Caes viewed the battery as a sharing product and thus creates a new experience for the market. The battery mentioned due to their appearance “Choco-Seb” (Swapping Electric Block) – it is reminiscent of a chocolate chocolate – was developed for mass use in electric cars. It offers several advantages such as high energy density, small size, flexible combination options and minimalist design. A single block should enable a range of up to 200 kilometers. Which test cycle is based on this, Catl does not divide.

Surprising is CATL’s statement on the compatibility of the battery modules: The Choco SEB modules should be compatible with 80 percent of the worldwide platform-based BEV vehicle models and with all BEV platform-based models, which in the next three years worldwide Market will come. However, the vehicles must be retrofitted for the Evogo system first. The customer is free to choose one to three blocks to meet different range requirements.

Also, the battery replacement station is characterized by a high compatibility, then Catl continues. A standard EVOGO battery exchange station can accommodate up to 48 Choco SEBs in a footprint that corresponds to three parking spaces. Replacing a single empty battery pack with a fresh, fully charged one should only take a minute. CATL wants to offer a variety of different changing stations, which should correspond to the climatic conditions of different regions.

With the battery replacement solution, customers should be able to reduce their vehicle costs, CATL continues. Because instead of driving the usual commutes and short distances in everyday life with batteries that are too large and expensive, e-drivers can equip their vehicle with just one battery for this purpose. Several modules can be used for longer vehicles. In addition to changing the battery, the Choco-SEB can also be charged directly in the vehicle, like built-in electric car batteries.

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4 thoughts on “CATL launches EVOGO battery replacement solution”

  1. you could simply include the really successful presentation on youtube in the article:

    there the concept and also the practical procedure is impressively presented.

    PS: the concept is great.
    BUT if CATL, NIO, Geely etc. If you are serious about changing batteries, you need to standardize the packs and connectors. If a NIO vehicle can only be swapped at a NOK station and a FAW vehicle can only be swapped at a CATL station, this will completely discourage consumers from changing batteries.

  2. better place. That was the name of the startup from Israel, which had exactly this plan 10 years ago. Renault was with the Fluence Z.E. included. Unfortunately, this brilliant idea failed due to the stubbornness of the car manufacturers, who resisted standardization and this will also be the case with western manufacturers today. It is possible that this new attempt will be able to assert itself thanks to the market power of the Chinese.

  3. I think that’s a near-perfect idea. The problem will be getting the automakers on board. Because they run the risk of losing the entire battery business to the battery manufacturers.
    Some time ago, as a compromise solution, I suggested a combination of a small, permanently installed battery and replacement batteries: https://www.electric car
    This would allow car manufacturers to keep most of the battery business and also have greater freedom in vehicle design. This would also be very advantageous for customers who do not want to permanently pay a rental fee or alternatively a battery that is far too large.
    From my point of view, the basic approach of CATL is very welcome, since they are trying to create a manufacturer-independent quasi-standard for replaceable batteries. Perhaps they will actually bring change technology a decisive step forward.


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