Cell production: VDMA complains unfair competition

Cell production: VDMA complains unfair competition-cell

The e-mobility continues to take ride. But not all are completely happy with the transformation. At all opportunities of change in the drive machine and plant manufacturer challenges, it says in a statement of the association VDMA. The production of battery cells take a special role. While Asian companies in Europe are increasingly establishing themselves as a supplier, the European industry has fallen into the hindrance.

Only if the policy set the right framework conditions and work together the entire industry, Europe can consist of the best production technology in the race, the VDMA continues. Decisive is therefore the introduction of an effective instrument against partially massively subsidized companies from third countries. The aim must be to prevent unfair competition.

At the same time, structural challenges would have to be solved. “Technologically, European machine and plant engineering is well positioned,” says Gregor Grandl, Senior Partner at Porsche Consulting. “What is missing is the complete battery cell production from a single source.”It is urgently needed to lift the potential of this future industry for the Europe location.

However, the provision of such a production line mountains but because of the large number and specialization of companies involved companies highly financial risks and is associated with significant effort, so Grandl. Especially liability for possible production losses is significantly too high for small and medium-sized companies.

“Politicians can support here by setting financial incentives, developing instruments for risk minimization and creating planning security,” says VDMA-Vize Hartmut Rauen. Thus, for example, degressive depreciation opportunities and an increase in tax research promotion could target the location. At the same time, mechanical engineering must further expand its expertise in the area of intelligently networked production.

However, the VDMA expert Sarah Michaelis responsible for Battery Production also demands courage from members and readiness to go new ways. Only with readiness for risk could be mastered the challenges of the future in this area. “With old structures, we will not exist in international competition.”

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4 thoughts on “Cell production: VDMA complains unfair competition”

  1. I understand this from the article above all, that the VDMA messes money and risk assumption from the State Bag – but there “vagabonded” but enough “free money” around the market, Should the companies go into the risk!

  2. Europe, or even Germany! Brand new! Or not? Let’s know of availability Internet, testing in virus laboratories (last place) – there we are practiced in it. Fast a few billions of particularly disadvantaged rich companies from the Staatsackel and already it is back to the next whining. Just do not establish the state forward. Finally, we have the best experiences in preventing

  3. China also promotes massive future technology and I would like it for Europe that we get the curve and catch up.

    VW is currently the high tech machines for battery production from China.

    So far, D high-tech delivered and others have produced – now the others deliver the high-tech and D produced.

    With which variant you probably have a higher standard of living?


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