CEO Alliance supports EU plan “Fit-for-55” for CO2 emissions

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CEO Alliance supports EU plan

In view of the planned presentation of the “FIT-FOR-55” CAKET’s Package by the EU Commission, the European CEO Alliance, a “action tank”, promoted from hitherto beyond twelve executives, is published for a progressive and ambitious procedure. Taking the climate crisis requires close cooperation between the public sector and industry, the CEO Alliance announced after its meeting in Paris at the beginning of July. The Alliance would welcome a review of the EU’s main regulatory instruments, in particular the subsidies for high CO2 technologies.

The proposals of CEOs include significant CO2 price signals, rapid measures for the decarbonization of mobility and traffic, the transformation of the building sector and a rapid restructuring and renewal of the energy system in all EU Member States.

“I am very pleased that I was able to exchange myself with the companies offering the solutions for the implementation of the European Green Deal, the decarbonization of the economy, the green transformation and the increase in energy efficiency. While the European Commission prepares for their energy and climate capacity, Fit for 55 ‘with measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent in 2030 and to achieve CO2 neutrality in 2050, the mobilization of industrial and economic actors is crucial be to achieve our climate goals together.”- Clement Beaune, State Secretary for European Affairs of the French Government

“Climate change remains our biggest challenge in the next few years and decades. The CEO Alliance is fully behind the climate goals of the EU Commission for which there is no alternative, “says Dr. Herbert this, CEO of the Volkswagen Group and one of the twelve members of the CEO Alliance. Now it is time to “relocate the political discussion to how these goals are achieved”. It is “clear” that CO2 need a price. “With the CEO Alliance, we are therefore looking forward to the first time in the Verbund’s leading European company for a CO2 pricing on industry and country boundaries,” said VW Group Chief.

CEO Allianz demands a clear CO2 price signal

As a central instrument for achieving EU climate goals, Allianz members suggested a significant CO2 price signal. CO2, regardless of which sector it is expelled, should have a price. Allianz also requires an adaptation of the EU emissions trading system ETS (in electricity and heavy industry) and additional sector-specific emissions trading systems for mobility, traffic and buildings. These systems could then converge from 2030. Another proposal is a European CO2 pricing system that aims at socializing as well as the reduction of emissions.

The decarbonization of mobility, traffic and buildings is the biggest challenge. In the field of transport and mobility, the electrification of cars, small trucks and heavy duty vehicles has proven to be particularly efficient, which is concerned with energy consumption and emission reduction. In order for the entire ecosystem to be promoted around the electromobility, the members of the CEO Alliance initiated cross-industry projects that accelerate battery production and support the expansion of a Europe-wide charging infrastructure.

Ambitious renovation goals for better building efficiency

With regard to the building renovation wave of the EU Commission, Allianz supports ambitious restructuring targets (at least 3 percent per year) to accelerate the conversion of the building stock. Buildings should meet higher energy efficiency standards, renewable energies and sustainable materials. The Alliance also requires fossil heating systems to be quickly replaced by the introduction of electric pumps, district heating and digital solutions. The CEOs undertake to apply these recommendations to their own buildings of their companies.

The European Climate Destinations require rapid expansion of renewable power generation and direct electrification of energy consumption in the areas of mobility, transport and heating / air conditioning of buildings. With a project for integrating energy supply, especially the power grids, the CEO Alliance wants to create a system based mainly on renewable energies and flexible solutions.

The “CEO Alliance for Europe’s Recovery, Reform and Resilience” founded 2020 against the background of the Covid-19 pandemic and the historical turnout for the European Green Deal. Their aim is to make the EU on the world’s leading climate protection region, releasing investments, promote innovation and thus create future-proof jobs.

The project work has already begun

The members of the Allianz are ourselves as an “action tank” and work together in some concrete joint projects: an EU-wide loading infrastructure for heavy duty traffic, the integration of the EU energy systems, a digital carbon footprint tracking, sustainable buildings, e-buses For Europe, a value chain for green hydrogen and the construction of European battery production. Further projects, including one for low-carbon steel, are in preparation. On a summit set for autumn 2021, the CEOs want to deliver the first tangible results and discuss their implementation with high-ranking EU representatives.

The Allianz combines twelve executives from the energy, transport and technology sectors: BjOrn Rosengren (ABB), Thierry Vanlancker (Akzonobel), Francesco Starace (ENEL), Leonhard Birnbaum (E.ON), BOrje Ekholm (Ericsson), Henrik Henriksson (H2Greensteel), Ignacio Galán (Iberdrola), Frans Van Houten (Philips), Christian Klein (SAP), Christian Levin (Scania), Jean-Pascale Tricoire (Schneider Electric) and Herbert This (Volkswagen). The consulting company McKinsey & Company serves the CEO Alliance as Knowledge Contributer and also provides research results and data.

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  1. Are not particularly companies that have a lot to do with the e-business ? Except for VW and Scania did not have to do with burners anyway, sharp. So you can only win. They can easily do together. And the others ?
    Where I want to say about environmental measures that we can only win with it.

  2. Good idea, only why not already 1972 … there important findings became a problem in dealing with MT CO2 and finite resources published!


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