CEO Stephan Winkelmann: Bugatti starts second model series – as an electric car

Interview with Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann

Bugatti starts second model series – as an electric car

CEO Stephan Winkelmann: Bugatti starts second model series - as an electric car-model
Press Inform The four Bugatti Atlantic 57 SC

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Stephan Winkelmann has big plans with the Nobel manufacturer Bugatti in the next few years. A second model seems only a matter of time – an electric car.

The German-Italian manager Stephan Winkelmann has brought Lamborghini to the road to success in recent years and, last but not least, made the sports car manufacturer more than an alternative to Ferrari and Aston Martin with the introduction of the Urus. After a short intermezzo at Audi Sport, Winkelmann has not lost the courage to lead Bugatti into a new future. He would like to add a second name tag to the French Nobel brand that is completely electrical and should be significantly cheaper than the hypers sports cars of recent years. If he receives the green light from the Wolfsburg management, Bugatti’s annual production will increase from currently 80 to several hundred cars per year.

CEO Stephan Winkelmann: Bugatti starts second model series - as an electric car-second
Press Inform Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann

There is a lot of speculation about the possibility that Bugatti could bring an SUV onto the market after they had come from Lamborghini, where they were a strong supporter of the Urus.Stephan Winkelmann: I think Bugatti is ready for a second model and this should be a vehicle that brings something really new to the company, not just another hyper sports car like the Chiron. Another body of body … after I said that I like SUVs; But I also think that we have to do something really new for this brand. This means that we do not look at the SUV segment to get there, but we have an idea for a body style that does not exist on today’s market. If we get the green light from the board of our group to continue with the second model, we will follow this direction.

The limousine segment is no longer so attractive

This means that a Bugatti limousine, based on the Galibier, would make more sense in their opinion?

To be honest, I think that the limousine segment is not as attractive as ten years ago. It shrinks and you have to offer a long wheelbase in two important markets such as the USA and China. Then the wheelbase for Europe is shorter and that entails industrial complexity. And even a long wheelbase makes a car less sexy than a shorter one, which is why I would also exclude a sedan.No SUV, no sedan … that can be interesting. But definitely a second model ..Remember that Ettore Bugatti used different forms of body than the one on the market, such as the 35b, then the royale and with the Atlantic a GT. I really believe that Bugatti is ready in the Volkswagen Group after 20 years. Even if we are small, we are ready to take the next step.If the second model is confirmed, you can use components of the chiron?It should be a complete new development, from scratch.

In the video: The Bugatti Veyron Vitesse

The sound and the power of 1200 hp

CEO Stephan Winkelmann: Bugatti starts second model series - as an electric car-starts

Site The sound and the power of 1200 hp

Lamborghini doubled its size and production area with the Urus. If the second Bugatti becomes a reality, you can say that something similar will happen there?We have the place to set a second assembly line (we call it studio) for this vehicle. But if it happens, Bugatti will be greater growth than for Lamborghini. Because we would increase from an annual production of 70 to 80 units to an annual volume in the area of several hundred. Of course with a daily car for a much lower price.

CEO Stephan Winkelmann: Bugatti starts second model series - as an electric car-starts
Bugatti The new Bugatti Divo

The production of the DIVO 40 units ends in early 2021 and the production of the 500 Chiron models in late 2022. Then close the gap until the end of the chiron production (around 2024/25) with special editions or you will be a brand with two models before the chiron is set?From the moment the decision is made and when it gets going, you have to expect four years before the vehicle is realized, so probably at about the same time.

Electric car better solution than a hybrid

The last chiron production will be more attractive for customers, since this will probably be the last Bugatti with an combustion engine in the history of the brand?That will show the story. When the Veyron came near the production volume of 450 units, the rhythm of sales increased, so that this could also be the case with the chiron.You have avoided the question of electrification of the question.Not on purpose. If we get the second model, we should go to the electrical drive. I think that a BEV (battery -electric vehicle) is a better solution than a hybrid drive system and with regard to philosophy and performance is at the level of an incinerator motor. I am in love with our engine; A passion that is easy to understand. But we have to become aware of the times that we find more and more into. A Bugatti, which may be less geared towards the performance of a hyper sports car, can certainly use a purely electrical drive train, since it could also be a Bugatti that customers drive daily.

Picture gallery: The Bugatti Bebe II

CEO Stephan Winkelmann: Bugatti starts second model series - as an electric car-bugatti

Bugatti Bebe II: stroller without speed-limiter

In addition to long-distance ability, a plug-in hybrid would also offer you an urban friendliness and also keep the excellent motor sound. I assume that you do not quite agree ..What they say is true. Hybridization is a good thing for many cars, but in my opinion it is only half a step. On the other hand, weight and complexity are increased and we have to develop a completely new engine. With a BEV we may have a better chance.

Speed will never become uncool

The emissions are strictly examined and even the top speeds now seem to be wiggling. We come to a time when the speed becomes uncool? Bugatti remains in his comfort zone when this becomes a trend because his customer base sets up its own rules?

CEO Stephan Winkelmann: Bugatti starts second model series - as an electric car-bugatti
Press Inform Stephan Winkelmann in a Bugatti Chiron

I don’t think the speed will ever become uncool. It is in the nature of man to feel speed. It’s about strong emotions and that is also in our DNA. However, remember that the chiron is not only about speed, but also about comfort and luxury. So we offer the best of both worlds and to such an extent that it is almost surreal. I can tell you one thing: I am used to driving super sports cars because of my previous jobs and when I drove the chiron for the first time at the end of 2017, this was a crucial moment when I really felt a "wow moment" in my life.In Geneva they had one of the trade fair highlights with the La Voiture Noire. Is there a chance to reveal who bought the vehicle? Was it a customer order or Bugatti created the idea and selected the customer?

CEO Stephan Winkelmann: Bugatti starts second model series - as an electric car-winkelmann
Press Inform / Bugatti Bugatti la voiture noire: original (left) and new edition in comparison

Unfortunately we cannot provide such information due to our contracts. Most of our customers are male and they are companies that collect extreme luxury goods and we have a good balance between American (number one), European and Asian Bugatti owners. Of course, this includes some rock stars, actors and super athletes. But I can’t say more about that. But when I entered the company, it was important to take the company, our employees, the market … just take a closer look. It soon turned out that a number of potential customers would like to have a very exclusive vehicle; A one-of model, and the potential has caused us to go this way. However, we define the concept of the vehicle and then present it to a certain customer – according to his profile. I know at least half of these potential customers, so it’s pretty easy to start these conversations. For the 110th anniversary of our brand we developed this vehicle La Voiture Noire.

In the video: Cristiano Ronaldo and his Bugatti Chiron with 1500 hp

From zero to 100 in 2.3 seconds: Cristiano Ronaldo shows his new speedster

CEO Stephan Winkelmann: Bugatti starts second model series - as an electric car-winkelmann

Site/Glomex From zero to 100 in 2.3 seconds: Cristiano Ronaldo shows his new speedster

The car is a tribute to the Atlantic 57 SC, of which only four units were built. You know where these four legendary cars are?

CEO Stephan Winkelmann: Bugatti starts second model series - as an electric car-starts
Press Inform The four Bugatti Atlantic 57 SC

One of the surviving vehicles is in the hands of Peter Mulllin (a California businessman and collector), a second belongs to Ralph Lauren. Then there is a third Atlantic that was involved in a serious accident in 1955 and went through a very elaborate restoration process. The fourth disappeared: It was Jean Bugatti’s personal car (the oldest son of Ettore), and there is a mysterious story that makes this legendary car only more valuable.

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  1. Mr. KOpnick, I may remind you of it
    that we from one "Fun Nobel brand" Bugatti speak, their cars at the purchase price "in the … Million" lie? This is not about a "Everyday car off the shelf", but only about that "Pure showy driving fun" concerning "maximum acceleration and final speed". The batteries there will be at "Constant maximum acceleration" "much harder claims", flow "completely different currents" than in a normal "E-Golf"-vehicle. That "Interior life" Such a battery is then due to the high "Discharge" also mechanically claimed by the Lorentz forces very differently (membranes, electrodes, etc.))). "Cell breakthroughs and short circuits" will come a lot faster than with "normal" E-vehicles". The exchange battery will be happy to do a MIO vehicle "US $ 100K" costs.

  2. In this customer clientele, money doesn’t matter
    Mr. Roth. There it is "absolutely not important", whether the battery after 2, 5 or only 10 years "abruptly" and for "some US $ 100K" must be replaced. Even if I could afford it, "In normal everyday life" Would be one "Protz-Karre" for me "completely impractical"… I still think it is one "perversion", one "fun-"Car on this "Identical BEV technology" To want to change. When loading through acceleration and speed, battery fires are "Thermal Runaway" factually preprogrammed. Who in such a "Rolling BEV flaming launchers" wants to put in…"After all, you don’t treat yourself to anything else…" :-))

  3. Dear Mr. Anton
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  4. You can burn the money too
    Anyone who buys an electric car must be aware that the batteries of such a car have to be exchanged after about 10 years because they chemically break down regardless of their charging cycles. If I now buy such a vehicle, that’s nothing else. Therefore, a Nobel electric vehicle will be more of a money burning machine than an investment because with increasing age, follow-up costs or not to be calculated or. Total damage will occur that will not occur in a conventional vehicle because there will always be a repair option. Electronics and battery technology, on the other hand, are so fast that you can assume that there will be no classic cars / investments in certain areas. Risky to buy something like this. Rather no!!!

  5. Burning money
    Fueling 10 l and 8 of them are lost! Only 2 L serve the only purpose to come from A to B. Anyone who has understood this crazy inefficiency can no longer drive as a reasonable person, unless they are all sausage, their money, the climate, the generations after us. Her red, you should be aware of that …

  6. Such a Bugatti
    If costs up to 2 million euros, the average employee must be creditworthy in order to catch one. But soon there will be the e-bugatti, a car that the brilliant namesake has always dreamed of. With the prices of the electrical, the most modern of all cars will probably cost 4 million, and the employee then has to swallow hard. But impressive races will certainly take place in the deserts. Who is faster from zero to five hundred, the petrol engine or the electrical? Sure, whoever wins, the e-bugatti, of course, if only with a smoking battery. The beaten then drives home, the winner is dragged to the charging station. what fun! Also understand fun?

  7. Yes, Mr. Schulz
    and where is the problem? Don’t get along with something like that, or? The overigence not only costs up to 2 million, there are also special models that are far more expensive. Your envy will get even more weight.

  8. There look,
    … The Winkelmann. Bugatti Goes Electric. Probably looked at the trailer from the new James Bond. 007 becomes eco. No longer drives stinki-aston, but rapid E. After all, wants to be the fastest with chase. Bugatti has to follow up. With the Veyron combustion engine, there is no longer a car war to win. Perhaps Lord Diess also called Winkelmann and in the new VW track 2.0 set …

  9. Lord air,
    … not that it would be important for the rescue of the world who sees whom in the rearview mirror, but the truth is owed to correct it in that the Bugatti Veyron with combustion engine does not see the Tesla Roadster 2 in the rear -view mirror, but always in front of up to over 400 km/h. Now get a lot of air and then compare the data on the Internet …

  10. Oh well,
    Mr. Winkelmann’s justification does not establish a classic limousine as a second model because limousines are no longer so popular. Because yes, the limousine segment is declining, but this does not matter for manufacturers like Bugatti. Because with only a few hundred vehicles sold a year, such micronic manufacturers do not apply laws of the normal vehicle market. That means, Bugatti can ultimately build limousines, SUV, convertiblets or anything else. In the homeopathic quantities, everything can be sold (almost) as long as the quality is correct.


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