Challenge examiner: View into the battery must be better

Challenge examiner: View into the battery must be better-challenge

The plaque routine also applies to E-cars: for the first time after three years and then every two years, electricity must be a major investigation. But for the decisive and most expensive component – the battery – an independent assessment basically is not possible. Anyway, Claudius says Jehle, Managing Director of Volytica Diagnostics, opposite the “Handelsblatt”. “This should urgently change something,” the battery expert is quoted. “We talk about minimum standards in terms of security.”

Jehles company has developed an automated diagnostic software with which the state of high-voltage stores can be monitored in real time, it says in the report. Several audit companies would work closely with Volytica. But according to the “Handelsblatt” seems to have the concern that outsiders could experience too much about the E systems. “The automakers are still strongly locking themselves to grant a deeper insight into the high-voltage accumulator, but will be quoted,. The automakers should therefore be required to disclose security-critical information about an electronic interface, the opinion among the vehicle examiners.

As it says in the report, for example, the association of TuV organizations vw, Daimler, BMW and various importers, creates a “discriminatory access to battery data”. Philip Schuricht is also a word. “In the main examination of e-cars, we definitely have a need for action,” says the managing director of the FSD vehicle system data GmbH. On behalf of the Confederation and countries, the FSD is developing specifications and tools such as adapters and testing software for more than 100.000 main examinations that take place every day in Germany. But the best technique helps little if the auditors lack access to basic data.

Although the experts with the HU adapter are basically also able to read out the battery‘s error codes from the auto-diagnosis of the car manufacturer. “But this exam is always as good as the self-diagnosis of the respective manufacturer was designed”, criticized Schuricht. But therefore independence and standardization are not guaranteed. The problem: According to “Handelsblatt”, all involved are in conversation – before 2023 is not expected with an agreement. In the usual transitional periods, the problem would probably affect all electrical new cars by 2026.

According to the Automotive Association VDA, the battery manufacturer’s battery self-diagnoses are sufficient to ensure the traffic safety of e-cars. From the point of view of the TuV association, however, the car manufacturer should already make sure that your batteries can be checked by independent third parties. Confidence in e-mobility would be so sustainably strengthened. What could happen if you leave the control of safety-critical components alone the manufacturers, the scandal show about the crash of two planes of type Boeing 737 max a few years ago, it says in the “Handelsblatt”.

In view of significantly increasing sales figures in e-cars, the examiners therefore demand the car recruitment to more cooperation – even regardless of security. So without the help of the manufacturers, for example, the residual values of used e-cars could not be determined reasonable. The market for used electric cars is completely distorted because no independent place could rate the most expensive component of the vehicles in their quality

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4 thoughts on “Challenge examiner: View into the battery must be better”

  1. Interesting article and important topic. A standardized test procedure I consider both a safety point of view as well as from the age-related state of the batteries for absolutely useful. If I buy a used car I would absolutely want to know how it’s about the condition of the battery with regard to aging process, capacity, etc. stands. And if this is possible independently of the manufacturer all the better. Even before the background of the future use of a BEV battery as a solar power storage, this could be helpful, I think here in particular to the associated frequent charging and unloading cycles.

  2. Yes, you should definitely do that:
    Fun Fact: Ove KrOger – The as we know, according to David, just also A Porsche Toycan drives this for a lot of 380 € in service.
    He had also asked the degradation, but from Porsche but no information received in this – a roggan who thinks evil
    &# 128521;

    Let’s see what you will hear in the future on this topic

    Time wants Tell &# 128521;

  3. Incredible as the TueVs now try to get your money. Desperately, they work on an extension of their entitlement. If you have a glue bulb now, you can change them for a euro on the same day and the thing is good. With a battery that is different. There is no welding of a visible hole in the frame, here one is only one and solely on the software properly functioning in the moment! And the software always makes problems is well known. Only last month I did not get a badge because of bad exhaust values. After a week I am again without! Hear something to other … and everything was good.
    A diagnosis about a defective battery means in almost any case that’s for a car, no matter how old that is. Thus, (fast) new cars are stamped to scraped cars. But then Angie has already sailed a year ago the auto industry … at the expense of the Aermer’s population.


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