Chancellor candidate Baerbock for more promotion when buying electric cars

Chancellor candidate Baerbock for more promotion when buying electric cars-electric

Annalena Baerbock, Chancellor candidate of the Greens, follows her party colleague Robert Habeck and speaks for E cars. Is it to Baerbock the environmental bonus / purchase premium for electric cars should be increased. So that more e-cars come across the street and thus contribute to the climate change to slow down the climate change.

Low earners should receive more financial support when buying electric cars, according to Annalena Baerbock. For low earners, this transformation bonus should be 3.000 Euro are increased to 9.000 EURO. This gave the green top candidate to understand the Bundestag election on Thursday at an event of the Editorial Network Germany (RND) in Hanover. Baerbock guides that this second part “can be provided via an interest-free credit via the KfW”. This loan can repay the E-car buyers in departure. Through the money, which one saves, since the loading with electricity is much cheaper than refueling with gasoline.

Thus, it is not a promotion without additional condition, but rather a probably interest-free credit. Or a favorable opportunity to consider the purchase of an electric car into consideration.

To the environmental bonus: Since May 2016, buyers of purely battery-powered vehicles receive an electric car purchase bonus. Since the 04.11.In 2019, however, it is noted that the amount of the purchase bonus is adapted. Furthermore, the cap with e-auto buying prices over 60.000 Euro to 65.000 Euro changed. In the future, there is more money when an electric car under a list price of 40.000 Euro is acquired. 6.000 Euro instead of 4.000 Euro should now be reimbursed by the purchase price. At plug-in hybrids in this price range, there will be 4 in the future.500 euros instead of 3.000 EURO. For electric cars with a list price over 40.000 Euro is the subsidy for pure e-cars at 5.000 Euro, for plug-in hybrids at 4.000 EURO.

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7 thoughts on “Chancellor candidate Baerbock for more promotion when buying electric cars”

  1. What is the contrary to a nonsense proposal thus only the e-cars will again be 3000 euros more expensive that is the completely wrong way that would be the right to abolition of the premium and at the same time the tightening of the CO2 limits and shcon can offer our carmakers cheap e-cars Bring the market has seen last year with the Drillingen that it would not be a problem for our carmakers to offer cheap E-vehicles if you only want or over the limit values will be persuaded

  2. Since I am also low earners against Elon Musk, I demand 18 afterwards.000 € Electric car premium for my TaryCan. Because 9000 € is not enough for such an expensive car. This is better considered by me, as this nonsense from the aunt. Because Tacal owners usually have a charging column at home. But where are these low earners to load their borrowed electric cars? Ergo would have to pour an idea for corresponding charging structure in public space in the concept. There is nothing to read about this.

    Above all, I’m wondering why you want to electrify the jam to use the words of your comradder to use. Cars are not the roadside. It must be right when less people drive. You should take the topic opens, prio for bicycle traffic, car sharing and autonomous driving systems consistent. But she gets scared. Nevertheless, many green root selects car and live in yesterday. These whole cool people in their old VW buses are actually designed environmental buzz.

    If you really want to do something for the electric car with immediate effect, then it should be 100 km / h for combustion and hybrid from 2023 tempo 100 km / h. Free ride only with blue plaque that get pure electric cars. That would convince many people and, above all, many companies thereof to order pure electric cars. That would have a real impulse effect. But she does not dare.

  3. It is already disgusting and absurd to make such statements about other people. As if it is only a privilege for rich to use new technologies, then on the highway continue
    to lace senselessly and thereby endanger or damage other road users. That the
    Rich with their classic cars the environment as well as the owners of the old VW buses, is perceived by them as “normal”.

  4. Which tells her the goblin dautes and the wannabe dictator (interview with Precht) for contributions, shows how convulsive she tries to keep the people in humans with your fanatical favorite topic. Better guide factors are probably not the way.

  5. Did I understand that correctly?
    Low earners receive no additional subsidy, but an interest-free credit of 3.000 € ?

    Low earners should be neglected for a car higher and repay the loan from savings for combustion?

  6. Hello, can tell me a credible, which is why the promotion nationwide does not exist for e-scooters and e-bikes, in particular E-loading wheels proportionately. In some big cities, there are occasionally a low promotion, but not nationwide.


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