Chancellor’s candidate Scholz demands e-auto and battery production in the east

Chancellor's candidate Scholz demands e-auto and battery production in the east-e-auto

Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) has evaluated more than once for e-mobility in the past. “We can not only watch the electromobility,” says one of his formative statements from recent years. In the East German Economic Forum in the Brandenburg Bad Saarov, he gave last week to understand that the future fields had to settle more new technologies in the east. Among other things, technologies and companies from the environment of electromobility.

On the subject of mobility, he referred to the construction of the Tesla factory in Brandenburg and the electric car plant of Volkswagen in Zwickau. With a view to the goal of climate neutrality, there are huge strategic opportunities in East Germany, Stressed Scholz. Thus, especially new possibilities arise in hydrogen industry and battery production. Scholz learns from Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) support. This gives way to understand: “The new federal states still offer space, a powerful infrastructure and workforce”.

For the settlement of appropriate companies also speak the fact that “alone in Berlin 200.000 students from all over the world “are located, so Michael Muller (SPD). Also draw companies that wanted to develop innovative products. The East German Economic Forum has existed since 2016. It is this year under the title “Court to the lead”, which the organizers want to know according to own information as a wake-up call. In conclusion, Scholz assumed that more future technologies would have to be located in East Germany, as in the hydrogen industry and the production of batteries, so that more well-paid jobs occurred.

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5 thoughts on “Chancellor’s candidate Scholz demands e-auto and battery production in the east”

  1. How much free spirit of the East we need?
    Much more!
    In the east and Berlin booms the future developments, the settings against renewable energies and pure unshamed emamilateral are high in the course.
    BEV and battery OEMs are aware of this because there are not only the young environmentally oriented freedom for clean air and environment, but also many prospects that develop, produce and consume technology.
    Straight cities are sorry to constantly suffocate into outgatements, usually not even the own.

  2. There was already a battery production in the Saechensischer Kamenz, but it was unprofitable, as the batteries from the Far East were produced much cheaper and the work was thus went to bankruptcy and sides Germany was done.

  3. Nothing against “Construction East” But after 30 years of “reinforce” taxpayers with modest (also political), politics should turn back to the West, as it could be safely achieved with the billions – the West would have a “construction program” urgently needed.

    The politicians in the East have received so many tax milliaries, that they do not know more know from which window they should throw the money – less money promotes creativity and efficiency.

    Toolve in the west, Street and bridges, because prefer to be built in the east commercial areas, even if there is little trade. Fiber optic cable, despite many citizens, are often only as pilot projects for a few, although citizens pay many billion taxes.

    Now the solo should be abolished, It would be better but it would be the money in the “construction of West”, there has been a great investment thaw for many years, because allegedly lacked the money.

  4. If politics are welcomed, then rarely get better. The traffic canister is the epitome of the eternal lobbyist. I would be important to prevent the hybriderei. Simply stupid. The name is Ohmen.

  5. In some ministers, one wonders whether understood how business works. “Chancellor‘s candidate Scholz demands e-car and battery production in the East”. Yes, if he calls that, certainly many companies will follow his demand, whether economically useful or not. Well, probably election campaigns without meaning and mind. There would be many good reasons for the East and a lot of what you could do for it. You could tell that.
    Unforgettable also his statement as a finance minister that he has always created his money on the savings account and checking account and has never owned shares. At least he advises the citizens to make it different.


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